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AndroLinux Linux online from an Android


The Operative System

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This app provides you a Linux online system with a GNOME desktop environment that is composed entirely of free and open-source software. It provides an intuitive interface. It is fast, secure and with thousands of apps to choose from. It is based on the Fedora and Centos OS.

The features and main components are inherited from the Linux online Fedora OS:

- Open source operating system.

- A shell to use a special interpreter program which can be used to execute commands of the operating system. It can be used to do various types of operations, call application programs etc.

- Better security, no susceptibility to virus and malware infestation.

- Office software to create professional documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

- Tools to edit your photos or create professional illustrations and designs.

- Utilities to keep up to date with your friends and colleagues quickly and easily.

- Hundreds of games.

This app is an access to a Linux online that is run remotely in our new OnWorks platform. Note that in order to use this app you must use the following actions with your fingers:

- Left-click: Tap once.

- Double-click: Double-tap.

- Right-click: Tap, hold and tap with a second finger (anywhere else on screen).

- Middle-click: Tap, hold and tap with two more fingers (anywhere else on screen).

- Mouse-drag: Tap, hold long and move your finger.

- Scroll-wheel: Two-finger drag up/down and left/right.

- Zoom in/out with your fingers.

- Send text: Click on the button keyboard.

This app uses the Linux license. Hence it can be installed and distributed for free.