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OnWorks Ubuntu Studio online ist eine Ubuntu-Variante, die sich sowohl an GNU / Linux-Audio-, Video- und Grafikbegeisterte als auch an Profis richtet. Die Distribution bietet eine Sammlung von Open-Source-Anwendungen, die für die Multimedia-Erstellung zur Verfügung stehen.



Ubuntu Studio online stellt einige der beliebtesten und kürzlich aktualisierten Audiosoftware in der Linux-Welt zur Verfügung:

  • JACK, Jack is a low latency capable audio and midi server, designed for pro audio use. It enables all Jack capable applications to connect to each other.
  • Ardour, Ardour is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), suitable for recording, mixing and mastering. Some of its features include: Ardour Unlimited audio tracks and buses Non-destructive, non-linear editing with unlimited undo Anything-to-anywhere signal routing Unlimited pre- and post-fader plugins 32 bit floating point audio path Automatic track delay compensation Sample accurate automation Standard file formats (BWF, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, CAF & more )
  • Sequencers and Synthesizers: Audacity Audio Wave Editor; Qtractor midi capable DAW;Hydrogen Drum machine / Sequencer; Yoshimi Software Synthesizer
  • Virtual Guitar Amps Rakarrack (preinstalled) and Guitarix are two popular guitar amp simulators.
  • Blender, a full fledged 3D content creation suite. You can create 3D models and animate scenes. Blender also has its own game engine and is vastly expandable with addons. 3D Solids and character modeling Scene animation Physics and particle functions
  • Inkscape, a superb vector graphics editor, with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Xara X, using the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.
  • GIMP, Gnu Image Manipulation Program, and is a similar to Photoshop.
  • Openshot, a simple video editor for Linux. Add videos, photos and music to create DVDs, youtube clips and a range of other formats.
  • DVDStyler to create custom, professional looking DVDs. User-friendly interface with support of drag & drop Multiple subtitles and audio tracks Design your own DVD menu or select a template Create a photo slide show support of AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, OGG, WMV and other file formats support of MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid, MP2, MP3, AC-3 and other audio and video formats
  • Darktable, a photography workflow application and RAW developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.
  • Shotwell to organize your library of photos. Import multiple formats Edit tags Convert formats Simple editing on the fly.

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