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OnWorks is part of the OffiDocs company group. It is the same team of developers, designers, QA engineers, and managers.

We are a Software Company that works every day on developing useful services for our end users. Refer to the OffiDocs website for further information.

Special mention to the following team members that have contributed to build OnWorks:

  • Miguel Rocafort, founder.
  • Ale Asgar, Architect
  • Lorena R. Perez, System engineer and main developer.



OnWorks is a software solution founded by Securenet in 2019. It is an extension of ApkOnline solution but it is focused in the development and distribution of free OS distributions using a free online hosting solution. Our solutions cover any OS distribution, and we act as a hosting provider.

OnWorks is provided as free of charge. It will be always free of charge as Securenet has enough funds for this project and many more. And, as usual, :) , we do this because we like it. 



Spain, Madrid, Doctor Arce 43 Avenue, 28002. Servers located in different Data Centers : Chicago, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Toronto and LA.


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