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5 interesting ways to use a cookie logger

Every website wants to understand its users or visitors for its own benefit. As a result, they send a cookie, a piece of data that the website sends to the user’s browser. It tracks the behavior, patterns, and preference of the users. Moreover, cookie also helps users to stay logged in and see content based on their geographical location. Any device that has access to an online website can receive cookies. 

There are two different types of cookies that ultimately have the same objective. When you enter a website, the website creates and sends first-party cookies. First, Party Cookies are those cookies that the website itself stores. The domain collects the cookies of the users and uses them to improve user experience. The cookies they store contain information such as data analytics, language settings, and credentials. The first-party website uses a cookie logger to do all these things, which is an important use of a cookie logger.

One type of cookie is HTTP cookies which are probably the most common type of cookie. Many websites use HTTP cookies to provide an ideal web browsing experience to their users. Without cookies, you have to provide log-in information every time you visit your favorite website. Other than that, you also have to add items to your shopping cart if your cookies are not saved. Similarly, there are hundreds of other reasons that make cookies a crucial component of using the internet. 

Here is how cookies should be used:

Session control 

Cookies enable websites to have authority over the session control. In other words, cookies enable the ability to identify users and help the website remember sign-in credentials. Moreover, your preference stays relevant every time you visit the website. 


Cookies are also a crucial way to produce personalized advertisements. Cookies collect information from the pages you visit to help create adverts that are more relevant to you.


E-commerce websites also use cookies to track what products their users are viewing. As a result, they will show those products and similar other items on their home page. Cookies are kept locally on your device in order to reduce server storage requirements. In turn, websites can be customized while spending less on server upkeep and storage.

5 Interesting Ways to Use a Cookie Logger

  1. Ecommerce website

Cookie logger comes in handy when storing the cookies of a user who sign-in to an eCommerce site like Amazon. In this process, the browser that the user uses to access amazon is crucial. The browser sends a request to receive the cookie from Amazon. It is done in a way that there is a high level of trust and proper sources for the user to interact with Amazon. After that, the browser saves the cookies sent by the domain and saves them on the computer. As a result, whenever users go to Amazon, they do not have to type in their login credentials. Moreover, they do not have to fill their wishlists and cart every time they enter Amazon.

  1. Troubleshoot Browsers on Windows

Creating and storing cookies can be useful in improving the performance of your favorite browser. As a result, a cookie logger can be used to troubleshoot browsers. A cookie logger is necessary to fix the problems of troubleshooting the browser’s cookie handling. Let’s take an example of the Firefox browser that has a robust cookie setting in it. It is important to enabling cookie logging when facing troubleshooting problems in Firefox. You can simply do that by changing the browser’s directory. You can do that by going to cmd and pasting the directory of Firefox, and pressing enter. After that, type set NSPR_LOG_FILE=C:tempcookie-log.txt and press enter. After that, type “set NSPR_LOG_MODULES=cookie:4” again and press enter. Now run Firefox.exe, and your issues will be resolved.

  1. Illegitimate use

Illegitimate use of cookie loggers usually happens when users download malicious software from a third-party site. The downloaded software installs external cookie loggers that enter your computer. They enter intricate parts of your computer without the end user’s permission. As a result, you can now have access to their system with a cookie logger. This is potentially a fraudulent act, and you should avoid it at all costs.


The ROBLOSECURITY is a cookie that the Roblox website uses to track the user’s sessions. The cookie logger on the website determines the information about the user’s account. As a result, people who are aware of cookie loggers can log into the account of other users. You just have to create a cookie called “.ROBLOSECURITY” and ensure the user reveals the content.

  1. Authentication

Cookie Logger is also essential for user authentication, which helps them get an improved user experience. It tracks the information of the user when they log in and remember their log-in credential. As a result, the user does not have to type their email address and password every time they log in.

How to run Cookie Logger V3?

Here is the instruction on how to run the program:

  1. Firstly open your browser and go to the official website of OnWorks.
  2. Now search for Cookie Logger V3 in the search bar.
  3. Click on the first result, and the main page of this program will load up on your screen.
  4. You will see four different ways to run the program, and you need to choose your OS.
  5. For instance, you click on “Run in Windows Sim,” and a new page will open up.
  6. Click on “Start,” and a new page will load where you need to wait for a few seconds.
  7. After some time, a new “Enter” button will show up. Simply click on it and proceed further.
  8. Now, wait for OnWorks to prepare the server, and the workstation will run.
  9. Go to the file manager in the emulated server of OnWorks. After that, enter with the username.
  10. From the OnWorks server that you are currently using, go to the file manager and download the application.


A cookie logger can be used for many things, including malicious acts. It is important to understand that sending data without the permission of the rightful owner is a cybercrime. You can use Cookie Logger V3 for entertainment purposes. In conclusion, if you want to know the interesting ways to use cookie logger, then now you know what are they. 

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