Game Extractor

How to Get the Most Out of Game Extractor?

In this guide, we will tell you about an amazing program from OnWorks, i.e. Game Extractor. It is free to use and is available directly on the OnWorks website. You can run one of their workstations to use this program online. But before that, let’s take a deeper look at Game Extractor and how you can get the most out of it. 

What is Game Extractor

Game Extractor is a powerful tool that extracts and reads archives of games. It can let you access those files that are not normally available. There are multiple types of game archives that are present in the game. Those archives dictate the behavior of the game. As a result, we have this Game Extractor by OnWorks that lets you read and write those archives. Moreover, you can make changes to images and other compression algorithms. 


Game Extractor is the ultimate solution to alter the nature of your favorite games. It brings out the ability to develop mod and game translations. It supports many games and helps you extract their archives effortlessly. Here are some of the amazing features of Game Extractor. 

  1. Support Thousands of Games

Game Extractor supports over 4000 games from various platforms, including PC, PS4, Android, and many more. As a result, You can expect almost all gaming platforms to be supported by this Game Extractor. Whether it is a PC, mobile, or gaming console, Game Extractor covers everything.

  1. Read and Write archives.

The Game Extractor can read and write archives of thousands of games. Moreover, it can read and write archives from multiple platforms. On top of that, both the basic and full versions of Game Extractor can read archives from 4000 plus games. 

  1. Do many things with the archives.

You can replace, extract and remove archives within the extractor. This allows the amazing functionality of this program to become very effective. Moreover, you preview images and audio of the games in real time. Game Extractor different format so that you do not face any issues with the archives. In conclusion, you can do all sorts of things with game archives and use them in your games. However, these functions are not present in the basic version of Game Extractor. 

  1. Create your own scripts

Game Extractor supports MexCom3 scripts that allow users to read additional archives. Moreover, it can also write those archives without any issues. Above all, you can use MexCom3 to create your own scripts to create your own version of the game. As a result, you will be able to make the game much more interesting.

How to Get the Most Out of Game Extractor?

Game Extractor provides many functions that allow you to get the most out of it. From extracting to filtering files, here is how you can get the most out of Game Extractor.

Opening Archives and Extracting them

All versions of Game Extractor allow the opening and extracting of archives. While you can easily extract, there are some additional ways to extract files. This program has FileList and extracts selected file options that will help you extract archives easily. The main game extractor windows are where all the FileList will show up. Moreover, you can select specific files in the FileList and extract desired archives. On the other hand, having the full version allows you to preview by double-clicking on archives in the FileList.

Edit Files

Follow the instructions to edit a file in a game archive:

  1. Open the game archive
  2. Extract the game archive into a text-based file to your PC.
  3. Now open the text-based file and edit it.
  4. After making the changes, simply import it into the game archive.
  5. Save the edited archive.

You can replace archives and edit them with the help of Game Extractor Full Version. This tutorial was on editing text-based files; however, you can do the same with editing audio and images.

Replace Files

Follow this tutorial to replace files

  1. Open Game Extractor and go to Game Archive.
  2. After that, the open archive side panel will show on the right side of the screen.
  3. Open the archive, and it will show up in the FileList.
  4. In the side panel, locate the new file that you want to use and drag it into FileList. 
  5. After that, a new option will show up where you have to click on “Replace File”. 
  6. To know that your file is replaced, a new icon will show up in the FileList. The size and offset fields may also change when you make these changes.
  7. Now click on “Save Archive”, which can do by going to Menu > File > Save Archive > Save Archive. 
  8. After clicking on Save Archive, a panel will be displayed on the right. Enter the new name for the archive and click on the save button.

The news archives will be saved on your PC and deliver the changes in those games. 


Follow this tutorial to replace files

  1. Open Game Extractor and go to Game Archive.
  2. After that, the open archive side panel will show on the right side of the screen.
  3. Open the archive, and it will show up in the FileList.
  4. In the side panel, locate the new file in the FileList and double-click to open it.
  5. You will see that there are various options to open files in the FileList. On the left side, you will see many extensions and descriptions of the files. If you are not seeing what we are describing here, then you have to change the view of the FileList. To do that, go to “Choose View” and select “Group Table”. 
  6. Go to the FileList and use the Group/Panel to filter the files based on the description.  The Group/Panel is available on the left, and you can double-click on one of the entries. After that, the files will filter out accordingly.
  7. You can also filter out your searches by simply going to search or Filter. Click on menu > Tools > Search or Filter. Moreover, you can do the same by using the Ctrl + F keys.
  8. Inside the search filter, you need to enter the search value and choose the fields where the searches will apply. For instance, if you want to search for the word image in the description, you will type “Image” in the search value and select description as the search field. 

Image Investigator

The image investigator allows you to find images and detect unknown files as images. If you suspect that a file is an image, you can use an image investigator to display its image data. Here is how to use Image Investigator:

  1. Open Game Extractor and open archive.
  2. After that, open the side panel and double-click on the game archive to open it. 
  3. Inside the FileList, choose the file that you suspect to be an image.
  4. Click on the file and then click again on the Hex Viewer button. 
  5. In the Hex Viewer SidePanel, you can select some of the fields, such as width, height, and their 4-byte color values.
  6. Now after setting the values, click on the Image Investigator. 
  7. In the Image Investigator, enter the values that you entered in the Hex Viewer SidePanel. After that, choose the image data formats. 


After reading this guide, you can easily start using the game extractor and do exciting things. The procedure for doing the things we have mentioned above will be confusing at the start. However, you will get used to it quickly. On top of that, you can always come back to this article to revise the tutorials.