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The Operative System

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WOPER is WordPress online deployed with the Elementor Page Builder so that users can create their own webpage. In fact, WOPER is a WordPress multisite hosted solution so that its users can build their own webpage until it is completed to be published. Our users will not need any programming skills to customize posts and pages. This app provides addons or extensions that replace the standard editor and comes with many customizable building elements like galleries, buttons, and text areas you can assemble by drag and drop. It offers a page builder plugin and framework theme, so developers can build websites quickly and condense their workflow. As a result of that, it provides a lot of drag and drops elements that allow for the speedy development of concepts, designs, and website edits.


You only need to enter this application. After that, you will be requested to log in with your Google account or only use your email address as you can see in the picture below. After the login you will have direct access to the WOPER WordPress application as you can see in this picture:

WOPER WordPress online how to login


1. Quick Mockups Creation: WOPE is full of drag-and-drop WordPress themes to speed up web page creation. It provides many high-quality elements that can be quickly adjusted and used.

2. Create templates: This app allows for creating templates that can be reused in a later phase of your projects. These templates of course can have their style variations.

WOPER WordPress online dashboard

3. Predesign blocks & Modules: It provides predesign blocks and modules for paragraphs, photos, and graphs such as image galleries, custom widgets, countdown timers, and carousels.

4. Style Modifications: WOPE allows you to change elements like fonts, colors, styles, and sizes with sliders or dropdown menus. In fact, it offers a fast, fluid editing mode including real-time front-end editing.

5. Templates: It comes with several templates to choose from. WordPress is very famous when it comes to choosing a template or theme to jumpstart the design process.

WOPER Elementator WordPress online

6. Elementor Webpage Builder: This has been our choice for WOPER. Elementor is one of the best free WordPress page builder options. Elementor offers you many elements to use for your layout including buttons, headlines, animations, galleries, and many more. We have deployed the free version. The free version of Elementor has more than 30 elements and 60 preset layouts for a quick start.