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MacOS online extension for Chrome and FireFox

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Run a macOS online look and feel over a Linux version like PearOS, ElementaryOS & PearlOS with the free hosting OnWorks. This extension provides the PearOS, ElementaryOS, and PearlOS distros that can be run in the "OnWorks" free servers hosting provider. This extension is a good way to be working in a similar to MAC OS desktop but running indeed Linux.

1. This PearOS online was an Ubuntu fork with a Mac OS X inspired desktop. Moreover, it comes with thousands of free applications. LibreOffice, Pear OS Software Center and Pear PPA Manager are the most important. As it has been a distro discontinued, we do recommend ElementaryOS and PearlOS.

2. This ElementaryOS online is an open source Ubuntu-based distro. It uses a beautiful KDE-like desktop environment that goes by the name Pantheon built from scratch using GTK3 toolkit and Vala. It includes an AppCenter very good structured to promote the best apps that might be important for the end users.

3. This PearlOS online is another OS that is based on Ubuntu Linux but uses Xfce desktop to make the Linux faster and suitable even for the older computers. The graphical user interface is designed to look like Apple Mac OS X. It also comes with a lot of applications, and as PearOS has been discontinued, we do recommend it.