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10 Reasons to Use an Ubuntu Emulator

Ubuntu comes with multiple functions and versatility that make it a developer-friendly OS. If you are someone who does not run an Ubuntu desktop system, you can still access it using an emulator. Today we will talk about an Ubuntu Emulator that creates and run emulator images of Ubuntu Touch. Moreover, learn ten reasons why you should use an Ubuntu Emulator.

Ubuntu Overview?

Ubuntu is an open-source Linux-based operating system for computers. Moreover, it is also a friendly OS for virtual private servers. When Ubuntu was initially launched, it was based on Debian, a distro that was difficult to install. As a result, Ubuntu was independently proposed as a more user-friendly alternative to Debian.

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, releases new updates for the OS every six months. The company also hosts servers for the Ubuntu community, which allows people to develop their own tests for their applications. In addition, the community also provides Q&A and technical support for free. In conclusion, users can modify the code of Ubuntu which gives them lots of customization options for a full fledge operating system. 

What is Ubuntu Emulator?

This emulator from OnWOrks lets you emulate the image of Ubuntu Touch. Ubuntu Touch is an ubuntu system for phones and tablets. You can run this on your windows, macOS, Fedora, and Ubuntu itself. As a result, you will get a simulation as if you are using a physical device.

This emulator for Ubuntu looks and feels the same as ubuntu for phones and tablets. However, since this emulator is for computer platforms, you will use your mouse instead of touch gestures. Your mouse behavior acts as your finger that does touches and gestures on touch screens. 

Ubuntu Emulator is a convenient way to develop and test apps. It is crucial for developers who do not own a physical ubuntu device. After attaching the SDK to the emulator, users can run their favorite apps and install packages. 

Ubuntu comes with lots of benefits, and there are plenty of reasons to use this emulator. As a result, people look for an emulator to run Ubuntu apps. Stick around to know why you should use this Ubuntu Emulator. 

Why should you use this Emulator?

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should use Ubuntu Emulator from OnWorks;

  1. Free of Cost

Ubuntu is available for free, and you only need to put time into its installation. After that, your ubuntu environment is ready to launch, and you will get tons of benefits. Moreover, you will not have to pay for any repair of old computers as Ubuntu can revive them at least to a working condition. Troubleshooting in Ubuntu is also seamless and does not cost anything.

  1. Privacy

Ubuntu is underrated when it comes to security and privacy. In fact, it is much more secure as compared to Windows. Moreover, you can acquire additional security and privacy without adding any third-party software. As a result, the risk of getting any cyber threats and information leaking cases is minimized. In conclusion, Ubuntu is for those who may be developing software that requires them to store sensitive data. 

  1. Working with Partitions of hard drives

You can easily make partitions of hard drives using Linux Live CD and Gparted. Moreover, you can do the same with a dual or triple boot system. Other than that, the partition is useful for migrating data to solid-state drives for better overall performance. In addition, you can also erase data easily from your drives in Ubuntu.

  1. Free Apps

Ubuntu provides tons of software from various categories to enhance your user experience. There are mobile phone apps that you can get for free. As a result, you do not have to disclose your payment credentials to purchase any app. This allows users to secure and protect their data while having access to tons of applications and software. Above all, the Ubuntu touch emulator itself is free to use in OnWorks.

  1. User-Friendly

Ubuntu is designed to be simple and user-friendly. It is as easy to use as Windows operating system. Some people may think that Ubuntu is only for developers and there are many intricate procedures in the OS. But that is far from the truth, Ubuntu is beautifully designed, and you can personalize ubuntu-desktop to your preference. Anyone who knows how to use a computer can use Ubuntu without any issues. 

  1. Accessibility

Another great feature of Ubuntu is its accessibility. In Ubuntu, you can easily use CMS of PHP like WordPress, Magneto, Laravel, etc. As a result, you can do the same with Ubuntu Emulator and use various CMS. Other than that, Java, Python, and ruby can also be easily implemented. Ubuntu provides a beautiful experience while giving access to many software.

  1. Home Automation

Ubuntu has a robust home automation support system. Linux is smart enough to control home automation gadgets. As a result, you can use Ubuntu to have one-click automation of various gadgets in your house without the need for human interaction. Moreover, microcomputer like Rasberry Pi also helps in the creation of a home automation environment in Ubuntu.

  1. No Antivirus

Ubuntu comes with a sturdy layer of protection to make the system safe and secure. As a result, ubuntu does not usually have malware and trojans. There is little to no risk of having a virus on your ubuntu computer. As a result, you do not need an antivirus, and not having it comes with its own benefits. For starters, the problem of slow performance due to the anti-virus will not occur. After that, you will have more free storage as anti-virus usually takes up a lot of space.

  1. No Pirated Software

Ubuntu has tons of legit websites where you can download original software for free. There are lots of free software already present in Ubuntu which is also present in windows. However, some software requires virtual machines as they are not officially available for Linux-based servers. But eliminating the need for pirated software is prominent in Ubuntu.

  1. Free Games

Ubuntu comes with tons of amazing features, including access to free games. You can run windows games and ubuntu games using Ubuntu Emulator open-source software. As a result, downloading and installing games is not difficult and does not require any real money.


The dominance of ubuntu is stretched due to its open-source system and its availability. It is easily accessible, and the software runs smoothly in Ubuntu. There is no intricate hassle in installing new software. As a result, Ubuntu is a great choice, even if you are not a developer. When it comes to ubuntu emulators and their best use, now you know what they are. 

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