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Easy-to-USe Remote Access Solutions

Anyone who is seeking quick and easy strategies and solutions to increase his or her company’s productivity should think about obtaining remote access.   

With it, you will encourage a more productive workplace culture among your staff. Interestingly, there are easy-to-use remote access solutions you can bank on. Get ready as we walk you through the best two easy-to-use remote access options for small enterprises.

However, before then, you need to know how remote access solutions work and some of their benefits. And that is what you are about to learn below.

How Does Remote Access Work?

This is a type of technology that creates a remote connection between the local and remote servers. It is also known as a remote desktop.

Amazingly, with it, users can now utilize a local computer to access the distant device once the connection has been made.

He can access files, launch apps, and even carry out some administrative duties from there.

Remote access is now used by businesses more than ever. Interestingly, with it, businesses are able to access important documents, information, and even data that they need to secure commercial prospects and initiatives.

Also, remote access enables their staff to travel. As a result, individuals have the choice to work from home or any other location except their offices.

Advantages Remote Access Solutions

There are several benefits of remote access solutions software. In fact, with it, businesses, especially small startups wanting to increase productivity, can gain from it. They can invest in efficient and secure remote access solutions.

The following are a few benefits of employing remote access:

1. Superior Productivity

This is one of the benefits of employing remote access. Emergencies and business needs can occur at any time and from any place. This implies that they may show up even after business hours.

Well, if this occurs, you might not be able to gain the commercial prospects required for your company’s expansion.

Yet, remote access can assist you and your staff in handling commercial crises even when they occur away from a primary workplace.

Additionally, this technology enables your staff to obtain the important documents and information they need to respond to such requests in time-sensitive situations.

Also, in exchange, it makes your company more competitive when it comes to meeting commercial needs.

2. Flexible Work Environment

This is one of the benefits of employing remote access. Purchasing remote access software enables your employees to work from any location they want.

They can choose to work from home, as well as from parks, libraries, and even coffee shops. Also, they may so strike a good balance between their personal and professional lives. And they thereby become happier in their different professions and jobs.

3. Better Attrition

This is another benefit of employing remote access. People who are less likely to quit their jobs are employees who are happy with their work.

As a result of this, offering a more flexible work environment through the use of remote access solutions can assist your company in lowering the rate of employee turnover.

However, keep in mind that having several employees resign from your organization may pose a threat to your firm. Over time, it may reduce your efficiency and production.

Easy-to-Use Remote Access Solutions for Small Companies

The time when only large corporations could afford to invest in efficient remote solutions is long past.

Small firms can now employ this technology to achieve success. There are two easy-to-use remote access options for small firms you should know:

1. ITarian Remote Access Program

This is one of the best easy-to-use remote access solutions. ITarian Remote Access is one of the two remote access options on this list you should consider.

You may easily access remote systems with the help of this remote access program. For small enterprises that are just starting to employ remote access, ITarian Remote Access is the best option.

It uses encryption technology to prevent remote sessions from being leaked or revealed. And this makes it both simple and safe to use.

Also, the fact that your employees can utilize ITarian Remote Access even when they are not connected to your company’s network is one of its major features.

With it, employers can so access their office workstations at any time and from any location. The following are some of ITarian Remote Access’s best qualities:

  • Remote Access Security
  • Firewall, several screens, session confirmation, and customization tools
  • Automatic Updating

If you’re thinking about getting ITarian Remote Access, do these actions:

  • Visit
  • Choose “GET NOW.”
  • Your email address will be required. Insert your email address.
  • Click on GET NOW.
  • Choose Save.
  • Execute the downloaded file from your default directory after saving it.
  • Click Install after agreeing to the license agreement.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC)

This is one of the best easy-to-use remote access solutions. Microsoft’s free Windows Remote Desktop Connection function gives users remote access.

Windows users consider it to be among the simplest and most popular remote access options.


It might interest you to know that Itarian Remote Access and Windows Remote Desktop Connection both have simple interfaces. Although it is deactivated by default, it is very simple to enable this functionality.

Factors to Take Into Account While Choosing Remote Access Software

There are factors you must consider while selecting or choosing the best easy-to-use remote access solutions. They are as follows:

  • Choose a system that charges a monthly or annual subscription price rather than a per-user fee if your company is big. Also, if the product has a per-user pricing structure, a large number of users could be quite expensive.
  • Screen sharing is simple with almost all remote access programs, but just a few let you record remote access sessions for replay. If you need to keep track of your activities or use your sessions as teaching material, this tool might be helpful.
  • Also, ensure that your plan includes upgrades from your remote access software supplier. However, in order to access new features and bug patches, some remote access software providers ask customers to upgrade to a more expensive plan.


Despite the fact that both of these remote access methods are for IT, using ITarian remote access is more practical.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection has the drawback of only being used on the same network by default.

However, before using Windows RDC outside of a local network, you might need to first access the internet or a VPN.

It might interest you to know that this choice may not be completely safe and secure. This is because it exposes your device to a number of online security risks.

On the other hand, ITarian Remote Access enables your staff to access your corporate network even when they are not based in a single office.

This entails that your staff members can operate remotely in a secure and easy manner at any time, from any location.

Now, the choice is yours to make. You now have knowledge of the best easy-to-use remote access solutions handy, what is left is for you to make a choice.

However, it is advisable that before you choose from any of the above, it is important to carry out a more detailed examination of how they work.

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