Computer Emulator Online

Why You Should Use a Computer Emulator Online

Emulators are crucial when it comes to running programs that are not supported by your computer. It provides an opportunity to access a different operating system. Hence, giving you the best of other operating systems while making no change to your current system. A great windows emulator for Ubuntu is making waves in the industry. In this guide, we will tell you about Windows Online Emulator by OnWorks. Moreover, you will also learn why you should use this emulator.

What is Windows / Computer Emulator Online?

Windows Online Emulator, as the name suggests, is an emulator for windows applications. This program is based on Linux, and it is an open-source program for Ubuntu. As a result, users can have a full fledge windows environment right on their Ubuntu computer. Moreover, this emulator by OnWorks supports the GNOME shell extension. This allows customization of the GNOME interface, which in this case, is to create a windows environment and application.

The performance of this emulator support translation windows API. As a result, the app runs smoother and with more stability. Ubuntu users can surely rely on this emulator to run the latest windows apps. This emulator is powered by a cloud server from OnWorks, which is very reliable. The computing power of Windows Online Emulator has great memory management. Moreover, it lets you integrate windows applications into Ubuntu without any complications.

Windows Emulator Online uses the GTK theme-based icon pack from B00merang. GTK theme is known for its accurate and complete windows 10 elements. It will give you a similar experience to windows 10. GTK theme has a large library that has SpeX and widgets.

Users of Windows Online Emulator will have full control over the feel and visuals of the interface. All the components behind this emulator, such as the GNOME extension, GTX, and SpeX, provide a personalized desktop experience. 

Features – Computer Emulator Online

Windows Online Emulator comes with exciting features, and here are those features.

  1. No rebooting is required

There is no need to reboot the emulator when you are installed and try to run a program. You can start using windows applications without any hassle.

  1. Easy Installation

This emulator comes with easy program installation that does not let users go through a complicated process. 

  1. Seamless programs

Programs that run on Windows Online Emulator run almost exactly like they are running on their native OS. As a result, the experience of using this emulator is seamless. 

  1. Customization

It comes with a GTK theme and GNONE extensions that allows versatility to its users. While many will ignore this feature, it is certainly present for people who want to get their hands on it. 

Benefits of using Computer Emulator Online

At times, you may want to use Windows apps on your Ubuntu computer. As a result, you need an emulator that provides tons of benefits. Here are the benefits of using an emulator:

  • Test new programs

Developers tend to prefer emulators to test new apps and programs due to various factors. The main reason is the risk of getting any harmful virus during the test. If the test is being done in an emulator, the actual system will not have any effect. Moreover, the emulator provides a seamless testing process, especially for mobile testing. In addition, testing new programs reduces the cost as compared to testing them on real devices. 

  • Run outdated Games

The modern computer comes with a 64-bit architecture and does not support the old 32-bit system. As a result, old games will not normally run on your computer. This is where programs like Windows Online Emulator for Ubuntu come into play. This emulator supports games and programs from the good old days. Above all, you will have the same experience while running it on your powerful computer. As a result, the performance of those games will be much better. 

  • A great alternative to purchasing expensive hardware and software

As an Ubuntu user, you may not be able to run windows exclusive programs. However, purchasing expensive hardware and software to run those programs is also not viable. As a result, you have the option to use an emulator where you can emulate a windows environment that runs windows apps. 

  • Run different operating systems

You can have a computer that runs a single operating system and experience other OS using an emulator. This is probably the biggest benefit of using an emulator; having access to other OS has its own benefits. Moreover, emulators are not limited to computer OS but are also available for mobile platforms. For instance, you can run an android emulator that runs android apps directly on your windows computer. 

  • Run Games and software

Why do we use emulators? To run games and software which may or may not be present in our current system. You can run your favorite windows games on your Ubuntu PC. Similarly, if you are using an Android Emulator, you can run your favorite android apps on a non-android system. 

How to run?

Online Windows Emulator is free and available on the OnWorks platform. It is easy to run this app and start using it. The following instructions are the steps to run this emulator on OnWorks.

  1. The first step is to visit the official website of OnWorks, where you will find tons of workstations and software to use. 
  2. Search for “Online Windows Emulator” or click on this page directly.
  3. Now you will see multiple options to run the app online. Simply click on “Run Online” to run the OnWorks server.
  4. After clicking on it, a new page will load up. You have to wait for 20 seconds to see the “Enter” button.
  5. After 20 seconds, hit the enter button and wait for a few more seconds. The website is creating the server for you here.
  6. Now the main screen of the Emulator will load up on your screen.

You can safely run this computer emulator online on your Ubuntu system and get windows to experience directly from your favorite browser.


A computer that runs a specific type of OS will indeed find it hard to emulate another OS. this is due to the lack of hardware power required to run the other OS. As a result, emulators are often slower when it comes to responsiveness. However, this does not completely ruin the experience if you already using a powerful computer.

Windows Online Emulator for Ubuntu runs smoothly and does not require a lot of computing power. Other than that, you do not need to download it on your desktop since it is directly available on OnWorks. So if you want to use your favorite windows application on your Ubuntu computer, you know where to go. 

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