Whether it is running a Windows application on Linux or testing software, OnWorks has the solution for it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about OnWorks.net. Moreover, you will know what OnWorks provides to its users and how you can run anything from the platform. Above all, if safety is your main concern, then this guide will briefly tell you about its safety. 

What is OnWorks?

OnWorks.net is a platform for internet users; it provides virtual server resources to end users over the internet. It is a robust VPS hosting platform where you can get tons of servers to use. Workstations, Online AntiVirus, File sharing, business emails, and webpage hosting are some of the things available to use on OnWorks. In this guide, we will break down one by one what OnWorks provides. 

You can access OnWorks from any browser from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. It is a free VPS provider based on Windows, macOS, Linux, Fedora, Debian, and CentOS. On top of that, it has a dedicated online emulator available on multiple workstations. 

Users of OnWorks can experience different operating systems regardless of what OS they are currently using. For instance, if you are accessing OnWorks on Windows, then you can use a Linux workstation and use apps that are compatible with it. Moreover, the workstations in OnWorks have pre-installed applications such as LibreOffice, File manager, Cloud storage, and many more.

While a dedicated platform will always be the most effective, OnWorks can be useful for testing applications. The platform is user-friendly and very stable. Meaning you will not get errors while working on the workstations. OnWorks has great computing resources that keep all of its workstations online.  As a result, its cloud hosting applications are easy to access.

OnWorks uses OffiDocs Content Delivery Network, which has distribution channels in Canada, Singapore, and France. There are three distribution channels, and they provide fast cloud resources over the internet. Moreover, OnWorks uses other resources of OffiDocs.

What does it provide?

As you already know, OnWorks provides a variety of servers, workstations, and applications for different operating systems. On top of that, this platform also lets you build and host your website through WordPress. Let’s take a look at what OnWorks has to offer for its users.

  1. File Sharing

You can find a file-sharing application on OnWorks with more than what a basic file manager offers. OneCloud is a cloud storage where you can store all your important files. This storage also acts as your file manager, which is accessible from multiple devices. Moreover, you can open, share, upload and download files directly from One Cloud.

It is a deployment of OwnCloud with all of its community features. As a result, you can sync data across multiple devices and access it from anywhere. Whether it is a presentation or an audio you want to share, you can do it easily through OneCloud. Other than that, you can store a file from one device and access it with another device. This application is similar to Drive and Dropbox which makes it a great application present in OnWorks.

  1. Web hosting provider

A web hosting provider from OnWorks that comes with many features will help you grow your online business. WOPER by OnWorks is like the online version of WordPress that has a deployment of Elementor Page Builder. Users can easily create websites with multiple web pages for their business using this application. Moreover, they do not need any prior programming knowledge to create a website.

WOPER has add-ons and extensions, which are usually not present in other website builders. On top of that, there are special elements of Elementor Page Builder that make building websites intuitive. Above all, the drag-and-drop feature allows a seamless workflow of editors when creating WordPress webpages.  

  1. Online AntiVirus

OnWorks has an Online Antivirus that uses the deployment of ClamAV. It is an open-source (GPL) anti-virus that lets you scan files within the servers and workstations of OnWorks. It comes with an enhanced security system that lets you use the workstations freely. Moreover, it also has a toolkit integrated with the OnWorks.net platform. This means that you are completely safe whether you are running the applications or just surfing the OnWOrks website.

  1. Servers and Workstations

From Linux Ubuntu distributions to Linux RPM distributions, OnWorks covers all types of servers and workstations. This VPS hosting provider platform lets its users use many types of operating systems over the internet. On top of that, you can test projects and gain useful insights by using the workstations from OnWorks. You do not need to download anything to your desktop. 

Everything is available on OnWorks and the platform where you want to test applications and projects. You have applications that you can run on windows and Linux servers. Moreover, you can also directly download applications on your desktop. Do this to run applications just like any other application on your windows or Linux computer. 

  1. Business Email

OnWorks provides personal and business email accounts using the domain @offilive.com. This is great for people who want to use their own email domain and wants a separate email account. The business email by OnWorks has a web UI that includes a rigid email interface, address book, and calendar. Above all, you get both personal and business email for free.

How to use OnWorks?

There are many things you can do on the OnWorks platform. However, most of them have to do with running an application using your preferred operating system. OnWorks have Windows, Ubuntu, macOS workstations, and many more. 

You can run software available in OnWorks or from your local disk when running on emulators. All you have to do is to go to OnWork’s official website and choose the emulator you want to run. Let’s take an example of Windows Online Emulator to help you understand how to use OnWorks. 

Here are the steps to run Windows Online Emulator from OnWorks

  1. Go to the OnWorks website
  2. Search for Windows Online Emulator.
  3. Open the page of the emulator and click on “Run Online”.
  4. After that, click on the “Start” button.
  5. Now the progress of starting the emulator will begin, and you have to wait for a few seconds. 
  6. After that, a new “Enter” button will appear. Simply click on it.
  7. OnWorks will prepare a server for your desired emulator, and Windows Online Emulator will open up.

Similarly, you can do this with any other application or workstation you want to use.

Is OnWorks.net safe?

OnWorks provides an ecosystem for Linux users where they can access more than what Linux OS has to offer. The company behind OnWorks has taken safety measures to ensure safety when using OnWorks services. Moreover, users can download and use software for free. Above all, all the applications and workstations available in OnWorks are safe to use. OffiDocs Group 100% guarantees that all the applications in OnWorks are safe and run perfectly. 

Any user who is concerned about its safety should not worry about getting any trojans from the website. OnWorks platform is secure and does not misconduct any of its services. 

Conclusion – OnWorks.net

So these were everything you need to know about OnWorks.Net. Now that you understand what OnWorks provides, you can start running applications from this platform. Moreover, feel free to experience other OS when necessary. When it comes to safety, OnWorks is completely safe to use. 

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