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d.colortable - Displays the color table associated with a raster map layer.


display, raster, color table


d.colortable --help
d.colortable [-n] map=name [color=name] [lines=integer] [columns=integer] [--help]
[--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]

Do not draw a collar showing the NULL color in FP maps

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog

map=name [required]
Name of raster map whose color table is to be displayed

Color of lines separating the colors of the color table
Either a standard color name or R:G:B triplet
Default: white

Number of lines to appear in the color table
Options: 1-1000

Number of columns to appear in the color table
Options: 1-1000


d.colortable is used to display the color table associated with a raster map in the active
frame on the graphics monitor. The map name should be an available raster map in the
user’s current mapset search path and location.

If the values of both lines and columns are not specified by the user, d.colortable
divides the active frame equally among the number of categories present in the named
raster map. If one option is specified, the other is automatically set to accommodate all
categories. If both are specified, as many categories as possible are displayed.

If the user specifies the name of a map on the command line but does not specify the
values of other parameters, parameter default values will be used. Alternately, if the
user types simply d.colortable on the command line without any program arguments, the
program will prompt the user for parameter settings using the standard GRASS parser


The user running the command:
d.colortable map=soils color=red lines=1 columns=3
would see the active graphics frame divided into three columns extending the full frame
height. The lines dividing the color table associated with the soils map would be
displayed in red. The user would see, at most, only three of the colors from the soils
color table displayed in the active frame (because the user requested that this frame be
divided into three sections).


If the user wishes to display the entire color table associated with a map, the user
should either stipulate a number of lines (rows) and columns (cols) sufficient to
accommodate the number of categories in the map’s color table, or fail to assign values to
one or both of lines and/or columns. If the user runs d.colortable using the default
number of lines and columns (the full graphics frame), all categories from the map’s color
table will be displayed. However, if the user requests that the color table associated
with a map which has 10 data categories be displayed in a graphics frame with only 3 lines
(rows) and 2 columns (a total of six cells), only six of the ten map categories will be

The user should run d.erase between runs of d.colortable to avoid confusion.

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