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eugene - mpdcron statistics client


eugene command [option]


eugene is an mpdcron client which can be used to interact with the statistics database.


By default these commands (except the first three) work on the current playing song.

For more information about the expression syntax, see:

help Display help and exit.

Display version and exit.

list [option...] expression
List song/artist/album/genre.

listinfo [option...] [expression]
List song/artist/album/genre.

count [option...] count [expression]
Change play count of song/artist/album/genre.

countabs [option...] count [expression]
Change (absolute fashion) play count of song/artist/album/genre.

hate [option...] [expression]
Hate song/artist/album/genre.

love [option...] [expression]
Love song/artist/album/genre.

kill [option...] [expression]
Kill song/artist/album/genre.

unkill [option...] [expression]
Unkill song/artist/album/genre.

rate [option...] rating [expression]
Rate song/artist/album/genre.

rateabs [option...] rating [expression]
Rate (absolute fashion) song/artist/album/genre.

addtag [option...] tag [expression]
Add tag to song/artist/album/genre.

rmtag [option...] tag [expression]
Remove tag from song/artist/album/genre.

listtags [option...] [expression]
List tags of song/artist/album/genre.


-h, --help
Show help options.

-a, --artist
Apply on artists instead of songs.

-A, --album
Apply on albums instead of songs.

-g, --genre
Apply on genres instead of songs.

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