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OnWorks Pearl OS online, a distro that uses components of the LXDE and Xfce desktop environments to create a desktop experience which looks similar to Apple's OS X desktop environment. The project calls this hybrid desktop PearlDE. Pearl Linux OS is available in several editions, including GNOME, MATE and PearlDE.







As you can see in OnWorks with Pearl OS, it is Linux and not OS X. This distro runs Debian-based Linux applications. It does not run OS X software or have actual OS X functions. In fact, except for a few cosmetic touches, Pearl OS is not unlike other Linux distros that use the MATE or XFCE desktops. For that matter, it is very similar to Linux distros that run the Docky application launcher at the bottom of the screen.

The overall design steps away from the OS X look and feel when you open the menus. Pearl OS uses a Main Menu in the style of the Windows Vista OS. Under the Hood Pearl OS is young but still impressive. Its two desktops have distinct differences. Both adhere to a carefully orchestrated design. Each has the expected user interface traits of the specific desktop. 

Pearl OS uses the Compiz window manager. Compiz is an OpenGL compositing manager. It has a flexible plug-in system and runs on most graphics hardware. Compiz brings a bit more eye candy to both XFCE and MATE within the Pearl OS. For instance, you can activate the magic lamp minimizing effects to simulate the Genie effect and the wobbly windows effect. 

Moreover, it must be noted that the XFCE desktop comes stocked with the LibreOffice Suite and Abiword. Its Multimedia software includes Handbrake, Banshee, VLC, Totem, Clementine and Audacity. Graphics packages include GIMP and Inkscape.