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fvwm-menu-xlock - builds xlock menu definition for fvwm


fvwm-menu-xlock [ --help|-h|-? ] [ --version|-V ] [ --name|-n name ] [ --title|-t title ]
[ --item format ] [ --icon-title icon ] [ --icon-item icon ] [ --special-first|-s ] [ --
xlock params ]


A simple perl script which parses xlock's output to build an fvwm menu definition of all
xlock's modes.


show the help and exit

show the version and exit

--name name
define menu name in the following argument. Default is "XLockMenu"

--title title
define menu title in the following argument. Default is "XLock Modes".

--item format
define menu item format in the following argument, default is '%n\t(%d)'. TAB can be
specified as '\t', but in .fvwm2rc you should specify a double backslash or a real

Format specifiers:

%n - mode name
%d - mode description
%D - mode description without "Shows " prefix if any

These specifiers can receive an optional integer size, positive for right adjusted
string or negative for left adjusted, example: %8x; and optional *num or *-num, which
means to leave only the first or last (if minus) num of chars, the num must be greater
than 3, since the striped part is replaced with "...", example: %*30x. Both can be
combined: %-10*-20x, this instructs to get only the 20 last characters, but if the
length is less then 10 - to fill with up to 10 spaces on the right.

--icon-title icon
--icon-item icon
define menu icon for title and regular item accordingly. Default is no menu icons
(equivalent to an empty icon argument).

define icon names suitable for use with wm-icons package. Currently this is equivalent
to: --icon-title '' --icon-item menu/lock.xpm.

instructs to include special modes (usually black, bomb and random) first.

Option parameters can be specified either using '=' or in the next argument. Short options
are ok if not ambiguous: -h, -t; but be careful with short options, what is now
unambiguous, can became ambiguous in the next versions.

Additional arguments (after --) will be passed to xlock.

Please see the xlock(1) man page for the xlock options.


Add these lines to your fvwm configuration file:

PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-xlock --name MenuSSaver --title "Screensaver" \
--icon-item mini-bball.xpm --special-first -- -nice 19 -nolock'
PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-xlock --name MenuSLock --title "Lock Screen" \
--icon-item mini-rball.xpm --special-first -- -nice 19'
AddToMenu "Utilities" "Screensaver%mini-monitor.xpm%" Popup MenuSSaver
AddToMenu "Utilities" "Screenlock%mini-lock.xpm%" Popup MenuSLock


Charles K. Hines <chuck_hines@vnet.ibm.com>, initial version.

Mikhael Goikhman <migo@homemail.com>, from 24 Feb 1999.


The script is distributed by the same terms as fvwm itself. See GNU General Public License
for details.

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