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g.gui.gmodeler - Graphical Modeler.
Allows interactively creating, editing and managing models.


general, GUI, graphical modeler, workflow


g.gui.gmodeler --help
g.gui.gmodeler [file=name.gxm] [--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog

Name of model file to be loaded


The Graphical Modeler is a wxGUI component which allows the user to create, edit, and
manage complex models using easy-to-use interface. When performing analytical operations
in GRASS, the operations are not isolated, but part of a chain of operations. Using
Graphical Modeler, that chain of processes (ie. GRASS modules) can be wrapped into one
process (ie. model). So it’s easier to execute the model later with slightly different
inputs or parameters.

The modeler can be launched from the Layer Manager menu File -> Graphical modeler or from
the main toolbar . It’s also available as stand-alone module g.gui.gmodeler.

The Graphical Modeler allows you to:

· define data items (raster, vector, 3D raster maps)

· define actions (GRASS commands)

· define relations between data and action items

· define loops (eg. map series) and conditions (if-else statements)

· define model variables

· parameterize GRASS commands

· define intermediate data

· validate and run model

· store model properties to the file (GRASS Model File|*.gxm)

· export model to Python script

· export model to image file
Figure: A model to perform unsupervised classification using MLC and SMAP

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