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gphelp - GP-PARI online help script


gphelp [-to_pod file] [-raw] [-detex] [-k] [-ch c1] [-cb c2] [-cu c3] [keyword [
@{1,2,3,4,5} ]] [tutorial] [refcard]...


Invokes the PARI-GP online help script. By default, keyword is understood as a section
heading (a GP function name), and gphelp looks for it in Chapter 3 of PARI User's Manual.
If it is found, the corresponding section is copied to a temporary file in /tmp (or
$GPTMPDIR), TeX is run then the corresponding section is displayed in a separate window,
using xdvi (or $GPXDVI).

If more than one keyword is given on a single command line, the outputs are concatenated.
If keyword is omitted, open the whole manual users.dvi. The keywords tutorial and refcard
open the GP tutorial and reference card respectively.

GP defaults, help sections (1 to 11) as well as some keywords (readline, bnf, ell, all
operators...) are recognized and treated in a special way to make sure they match a
section heading. For instance && is translated to Comparison and boolean operators which
isn't that obvious to guess. Make sure to enclose keyword between quotes if it contains
dangerous characters (e.g spaces). For instance, you need to type

gphelp -k "elliptic curves"

and not

gphelp -k elliptic curves

which would look for "elliptic" then for "curves" and output e.g. ploth among the
relevant sections.


The pattern @x (where x is a chapter number between 1 and 5) at the end of keyword
conducts the search in the corresponding chapter instead of the default Chapter 3. If the
number is omitted, search the whole manual. For instance
gphelp -k gerepile@4
will look for gerepile in Chapter 4 of users manual.
gphelp -k gerepile@
will search the whole manual. All chapters of the manual (usersch[1-5].tex) are assumed to
be in $GPDOCDIR (defaultvaluesetby Configure). You are allowed to gzip (or compress) them,
this won't affect the search.


The following command line options are available:

-cb, -color_bold c2
color used for bold. See -color_help.

-ch, -color_help c1
color (between 1 and 16) used for general printing. Only significant in detex mode.

-cu, -color_underline c3
color used for underline. See -color_help.

-detex Use detex mode. The TeX file is converted to readable screen output that is
directly written to the terminal; don't use tex or xdvi.

-k Switch to apropos mode. Only write to standard output the list of section headings
in manual which contain keyword.

You can then choose an element in the list and use it as argument for gphelp
(surround it by quotes if it includes spaces), possibly followed by a trailing @
marker (see above).

-raw use internal format for output (using @x markers). For debugging only.

-to_pod file
try to convert file from TeX to POD format. Will only work on some subset of PARI
User's Manual (Chapter 3, reference card). This should be the only arguments on the
command line.


number of columns available on screen (for detex mode)

where to launch the dvi previewer. If unset, detex mode is assumed automatically.

directory where PARI help files are located. Default value set at Configure time.

TeX typesetting program to use

directory where temporary files are written

dvi previewer to use

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