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5 Best Cloud Storage Services (100% Free)

Whether it is for an individual user or an enterprise, Cloud Storage should have good security, fast backups, and be simple to use. There are tons of options that provide virtual storage with different paid options. However, we will narrow down our choices by giving you those cloud services that give free storage. 

The free options are usually more than enough for basic users. So if you think that you are also a basic user, then read this guide. 

Free Cloud Storage Services

1. OneCloud – Excellent Cloud Storage for Free

OneCloud runs on the deployment of OwnCloud distributed by OnWorks. This service is free to use directly from the platform. Users can access to OneCloud and get the full suite of cloud storing functions. It has syncing and sharing files as its features. On top of that, OneCloud users can easily share and search files whenever they need. Above all, they can do it from any device.

OwnCloud has a compelling community that offers many features to its users. As a result, OneCloud offers full access to users’ files through a web browser. Just like other cloud services like Drive and DropBox, OneCloud also has file storing and syncing in its cloud storage. In addition, you can access those files across many devices and use them anywhere. 

There are many things you can store in OneCloud, such as contacts, pictures, documents, calendars, and folders. After that, you can access that storage only on our mobile, tablet, and desktop via a web browser. As a result, it allows you to access your data whenever and wherever you want.

Users can restore older versions of storage at any time. As a result, it protects users’ data when someone makes changes in the shared folder. On top of that, users can revert back to the previous cloud version if someone deletes a part of the files. 

2. Google Drive – Most Trusted Cloud Storage Service

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storing services. It is deeply integrated with Android and Google interface. It offers 15 GB of free storage that can store all types of files, contacts, and emails. Users who revolve around Google services need to use Google Drive.  It offers rich features which android users will love. Moreover, it has automatic back-ups and syncing options.

It has a clean interface that anyone can easily learn how to use. Google Drive is more than a cloud storing service where you store files for backup. It works with a suite of Google apps and services, which improves your workflow. Google Photos, Docs, Sheets, and Google Keep are some of the apps that integrate with Google Drive. It stores all the data from these apps, and any edit will synchronize. 

Users also get options to choose the quality of the pictures to store in Google Photos. This allows users to save storage and make room for other things. The storage can get full at some point if you are an avid user of Google service. As a result, you can upgrade to paid plans that start at $1.99/month and offers 100 GB.

You can access Google Drive from a web browser as well as download the full desktop application. The desktop version will give you a better user experience. Lastly, there is a drag-and-drop feature that makes everything fast and quick. 

3. One Drive – Best Storage Service from Microsoft

OneDrive is a native cloud storage service from Microsoft, and it is available on almost all major platforms. However, the cloud service is specially made for Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 users. Other than that, you can use OneDrive on other platforms like macOS, Android, iOS, and Xbox One consoles. 

The platform easily maintains high-capacity storage with its robust user interface. Moreover, the integrations and security framework have been fully optimized for the entire Microsoft 365 suite. As a result, you will not face any stress or have to do anything for the service to perform properly.

OneDrive perfectly integrates with Windows operating system. For instance, you start back-up of specific folders directly from the windows interface. After that, you will be able to access those folders on other devices where you have the same OneDrive account. Above all, you can share folders with users who do not have access to OneDrive.

Users can also access files and edit them directly from the cloud. As a result, you don’t have to download files whenever you have to edit them. Moreover, OneDrive supports various other services that are internal and third-party. When it comes to security, OneDrive has a personal vault feature, which has 2-factor authentication and Bitlocker encryption

4. DropBox – Google’s Best Product

If you want are looking to get paid storage options in the future, you should go for DropBox. It has affordable prices and servers, one of the best personal virtual storage. Moreover, DropBox is easily integrated with many third-party platforms. 

The sheer benefit of DropBox comes into play when you are sharing large files. The storage service offers compelling features for sharing files with others. As a result, it is regarded as the leader in file sharing. However, it does not have a syncing option where it automatically backups up an external disk. DropBox will only store files you manually upload. 

All the files stored in DropBox are encrypted at rest and in transit. As a result, users have full security over their files when using Dropbox. However, It does not provide end-to-end encryption. Other than that, Dropbox has two-factor authentication for its users. As a result, the sign-in procedure is fully secure and can only be accessed by the true owner. 

The free plan of Dropbox offers 2GB of storage which will give you all the features mentioned above. Opting for paid storage will only increase the storage capacity. The paid plans start at $9.99 a month. Users can always purchase the paid plans once their free plan is full.

5. Mega – Free Storage Service with Encryption System

Mega is a reliable storage facility that allows you to upload files up to 50 GB. In addition, you can also extend the capacity up to 15 TB. However, you have to pay for additional storage. Mega offers encryptions to all your files and allows users control via an encryption key. As a result, it prevents cyber threats and any malicious activity over your files. Above all, the benefits of encryptions even prevent MEGA from doing any unethical act with your files.

The 50 GB free plan is more than enough for many users who are using it for casual use. Some professional use can be more than content with this amount of storage. Mega has a user-friendly interface that makes everything seamless. In other words, you can easily drag and drop files in your Mega Storage. Moreover, desktop users have a client that automatically syncs the files.

There are different tiers when it comes to the paid version of Mega. These tiers are from Pro Lite to Pro III, and the main difference is the storage amount. In some cases, the difference also occurs in the transfer amount. 

This virtual storage has a robust encryption system with an intuitive interface. On top of that, the built-in chat makes it a  great choice for people who are looking for a simple option. 

How Secure are Cloud Storage Services?

When it comes to storing sensitive and private files, security is what comes to our minds. Cloud Storage may not be the safest type of storage option, but they have a robust security system.

Security is a crucial aspect for enterprises that are in privacy-sensitive sectors. As a result, it is important to invest in those cloud services that offer state-of-the-art security features.

The options we have in this guide have a security level to some extent and protect all your data. End-to-end encryption is the best type of security that these services provide. It is almost hackproof, and the staff themselves cannot even access all your files in the cloud.

On the other hand, there is In-transit and at-rest encryption which makes data unreadable or non-understandable. In other words, in unlikely circumstances of a data breach, the hacker won’t be able to understand the files.

In Conclusion, there are all types of security features for all purposes. From individual to enterprise, robust security is essential, and these virtual storage company surely provides it. 


There are plenty of options when it comes to virtual storage, and as you already know, they also offer free storage. For people who don’t want to spend a single penny on these services, then this guide is for them. While you may not be able to store 1 TB worth of files in them, you still get the rich features they provide. On top of that, the amount of storage these cloud services provide is ideal for average users. 

Even small storage options can store plenty of important documents which users can access at command. On top of that, they are free to use and usually offer a mobile version as well. With that being said, you can always upgrade to premium plans when you feel like it. 

Free cloud storage from these services is also important for collaborations, especially for those who are working on small projects. You just have to choose the services that make sharing files seamless. 

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