Fast & Secure Cloud Hosting for Startups

Fast and Secure Cloud Hosting for Startups

There are reliable fast and secure cloud hosting for startups as the demand for cloud computing is expanding more quickly than ever. And it seems this will continue for many years to come.

Few cloud hosting companies offer a variety of products to host. This ranges from straightforward static websites to intricate machine-learning applications. But if you are searching for the most reliable cloud hosting for businesses just starting up, then this article is for you.

Top 10 Fast and Secure Cloud Hosting for Startups

1. Onworks Offers Free Hosting

Onworks provides free hosting to those who qualify. With it, you may effortlessly design and launch your website with a free hosting service. Also, with it, you can create your online presence without any hassle.

Additionally, Onworks gives you access to hundreds of website templates, which you can easily use to reflect your brand using our drag-and-drop editor. You may quickly add extra features with our straightforward one-click installation if you need them, like e-commerce, blogging, or forms.

Also, it provides premium hosting packages with stronger features and increased security for individuals that need more sophisticated hosting alternatives. For all of your demands, Onworks has the ideal hosting solution.

2. AWS (Amazon Web Service)

This is a market leader, according to Flexera. And it is a fast and secure cloud hosting for startups. Amazon is certainly the market leader at the moment. AWS was introduced in 2006 and now works in 20 different parts of the globe. It provides a wide range of products to satisfy all company needs.

The beautiful thing about AWS is that several of its well-known services have a free tier and you only pay for what you use. Hence, if you want to try out AWS, you can benefit from a free account to get a feel for the system.

3. DigitalOcean

This is another fast and secure cloud hosting for startups. It is a good cloud hosting option for developers. Although smaller than AWS or GCP, the DigitalOcean platform offers a top-notch user experience.  

Price is a significant benefit; you can buy a virtual machine for as little as $5 per month. Can you picture how this cloud computing is fairly affordable now? Interestingly, it has few services, including managed Kubernetes, databases, and load balancers, object storage.

4. Kamatera

This is another fast and secure cloud hosting for startups. It provides firewalls, servers, storage, block storage, load balancers, and other cloud services. Also, the platform offers over 40 of the most popular applications and services deployment. And this is with the press of a button. Interestingly, it is extremely user-friendly.

However, despite having over 20 years of experience in the cloud, Kamatera is a new, booming player in the international markets. It comes with 14 Datacenters spread across four continents.

Kamatera’s sudden rise in popularity is largely attributable to its unique added value. These values are:

  • Reasonably priced virtual machines (starting at $4 per month).
  • Amazing scalability and flexibility with server configuration and payment options.
  • Great performance.
  • Customized and tailored made cloud services with 24/7 support.

5. Windows Azure

Microsoft Azure was first introduced in 2010 under the moniker Windows Azure before changing its name to Microsoft Azure in 2014. A wide range of products is available from Azure, including its own programs like IIS, MS SQL, Exchange Server, and many others.

It contains everything, literally, including AI, IoT, computation, security, analytics, containers, databases, etc.

If your firm is located in China, Microsoft Azure is also available there. As such, you might be interested in learning more. Startups can enroll in their BizSpark program to receive free Azure service.

6. Vultr

This is another fast and secure cloud hosting for startups. It has good hosting scalability and dependability. And this makes it an inviting option. However, maintaining a platform like Amazon or Azure can prove to be a difficult task. This is where Vultr comes in. It makes things simpler.

Vultr also provides cloud hosting at incredibly low prices. The monthly introductory price for the plans is $2.5.

The majority of features you could anticipate as offered by Vultr are:

7. Cloud Platform by Google

You can build anything with GCP (Google Cloud Platform), from straightforward blogs to intricate applications. GCP can be your first choice if you are serious about latency and want to construct performance-oriented applications.

Gmail, YouTube, and Search are well-known Google services that are all hosted on the same network. With more than 130 network edge sites, Google Cloud is accessible in 19 places. This is why it is one of the fastest and most secure cloud hostings for startups.


The majority of the products are available worldwide. Also, you can host your application close to people or in your area. Interestingly, GCP offers a free trial of $300 in credit to be used within 60 days.

8. Alibaba Cloud

This Alibaba cloud serves as a backdoor to China. Of course, you cannot ignore the Chinese market. With so many products available, you can consider hosting practically everything in China. And the aim is to give your customers the finest experience.

Qingdao, Beijing, Zhangjiakou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hohhot, Hong Kong, and 12 other foreign locations are the data centers. This fast and secure cloud hosting for startups has a free trial of up to $1200. When you do not have any offices in China, use this simple architecture to access the Chinese market.

Also, this Alibaba cloud provides ICP support, which is quite helpful if you do not want to deal with difficult ICP license procedures and formalities.

9. UpCloud

This is another reliable cloud hosting for small businesses. UpCloud is a platform that puts developers first and concentrates on making DevOps simple. It is a distinctive platform that facilitates coding infrastructure building. Also, it supports the majority of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) frameworks. This includes LibCloud, Terraform, Ansible, and Packer.

Also, it stands out since it offers API client libraries in a variety of well-known languages. The following characteristics make UpCloud unique:

  • In order to meet corporate security criteria, create custom OS images using maxIOPS storage.
  • There is private networking between their data centers.
  • Also, it has a powerful API to automate everything.

10. Linode

Another top cloud hosting for small organizations is Linode. It has hosted online applications from a personal blog to an e-commerce site. Linode handles Issues from cloud migration to DNS settings. And it deals with load balancing, auto-scaling, and offering predictable pricing.

Also, it is well known for having the following key attributes:

  • There are Nano computes for tiny web apps or for a test server.
  • It has dependable S3-compatible object storage. This makes it the perfect fit for big-data analytics and machine-learning operations.
  • Also, there is superb round-the-clock support.
  • Additionally, there are one-click plugins for Gitlab, Drupal, and WordPress

More so, with 11 worldwide data centers, you may deploy services with tremendous flexibility and still adhere to national regulations.

11. Brightbox Cloud

This is another fast and secure cloud hosting for startups. For the European market, Brightbox is the ideal option. This is because; it offers the entire hosting solutions in the UK.

Brightbox offers enterprise-scale features including PXE bootable hardware and totally private networking. Also, there is the capacity to utilize virtually any operating system, as well as extremely sophisticated security.

However, despite its ease of use and a small selection of services, it makes sure that the offered services are completely supported by necessary backend services. With every one of its offerings, it offers certain special services like:

  • Online Servers

Brightbox provides a selection of Cloud VMs, just like other providers. It does, however, have several distinctive features that make it a favored option. It has the capacity to export unique image snapshots for virtual machines similar to Amazon Machine Image or Azure Machine Image

Also, it has support for cloud IP that makes it simple to transfer servers while maintaining the IP address. Additionally, it completely has a private server network to prevent any eavesdropping or spoofing

  • Online Storage

Do you know that the popularity of object storage is rising as businesses move a lot of their infrastructure to the cloud? Yes, this is true.

However, moving data and maintaining its consistency afterward is an enormous barrier for businesses moving to the cloud. This is where Brightbox comes in, It makes it simple with the following capabilities:

i. There is data import by hand from USB, SATA, or other compatible storage devices

ii. Also, there is self-healing redundancy with built-in storage.

iii. Also, because storage is based on the OpenSwift standard, connecting to the storage is simple.

iv. Additionally, Brightbox gives you the option to use load balancers to distribute the load among various servers and auto-scalable Cloud databases.


If you choose from any of the cloud hostings above you will not be making a mistake in selecting one of the fastest and most secure cloud hostings for startups. This is because the ones mentioned above are trusted by millions of web apps.

However, as no platform is ideal, you should test them all out first before making a final choice. This will help you to discover which one you prefer and which one best suits your company’s needs or your budget.

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