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Available on Linux distribution, you can download the Round Robin calculator directly from the OnWorks platform. Get the app as

If you surf around the internet to figure out different wager types offered in sportsbooks, you must come across Round Robin Bets. We may have trouble determining the total return in the number of parlays we bet. As a result, you have the opportunity to use Round Robin Calculator. There are many useful situations in your round-robin bets where you can use this calculator to work out your winnings. In this guide, you will learn about this payout calculator and how to use it. 

What is Round Robin Calculator?

Round Robin Calculator is used in round-robin bets. If you don’t know about Round Robin bets, then we have a separate section that explains it. This calculator is for calculating the probability of maximum wins and losses. Moreover, it can also calculate the total number of outcomes and different outcomes. People use this calculator on round-robin bets to maximize their winning chances.

As a player, you need to provide some input for the calculator to work properly. Moreover, you can only use dollars to bet here. You need to input the number of games, the size of the parlay, and the game odds/results. After that, the calculator will do the math and brings out the appropriate output. These outputs will be maximum wins/losses and situational results. 

The RRobinCalc program calculates the pinewood derby race. It starts with the initial heat with the given number of lanes and the number of times a racer runs in each lane. On the other hand, you can use this program in other multiple competitor events. However, you have to make sure the rules and gameplay suit the algorithm of this program. 

The Round Robin Calculator generates the first heat lineup for the algorithm to work properly. As a result, it can effortlessly figure out the Round Robin lineup. In addition, it also finds all the possible starting heat lineups and simultaneously filters them. 

Round Robin Calculator
Round Robin Calculator

What are Round Robin Bets?

Round Robin Bets is based on the principle of the algorithm of Round Robin. The principle says that each person will get an equal share of a unit in turns. Now, this unit can be anything based on the task. Round Robin is the oldest task algorithm for simple scheduling (Round Robin Scheduling) and is mostly used in multitasking. 

In the Round Robin schedule, each person executes the tasks in a systematic manner. The tasks are usually run in a cyclic queue for a limited period. Moreover, this schedule also offers first execution the highest priority. This execution is also known as starvation-free execution.

So how many teams can you choose in Round Robin bets? Most sportsbook available online allows two to six teams that you can choose at once. These teams are known as parlays, and you can make individual parlays from a technical standpoint. However, Round Robins helps figure out individual parlays without any effort. 

For instance, you may like three picks for your bets and are confident in them. As a result, you want to create parlays for each bet. After that, the sportsbook will make variations of three two-game parlays.

How to download and run this app?

It is easy to download this program, and it is easier to run it. The app is free to use at OnWOrks, and you can also use it online. Here are the steps on how to download it.

  1. First, open your browser and search for OnWorks. Or You can simply head over to by clicking on the link.
  2. The next step is to click on the “Download App”.
  3. After that, your window will prompt you to choose the directory where you want the app to download. 
  4. Now select the directory, and RRobinCalc7 will start downloading. 
  5. After the downloading will complete, you need to unzip the compressed file.
  6. Now simply open the .jar file and open the application.

Similarly, you can also run this app online on the OnWorks platform. OnWorks provides Round Robin Calculator for various platforms. As a result, you can run this app in Ubuntu, Fedora, Windows, and macOS.

How to use it?

Learn how to identify the bet total, total return, and the situational result of any round robin. This guide tells you briefly about how to use Round Robin Calculator. After that, you can choose any given number and figure out its round-robin.

  1. After opening up the calculator, you have to enter the wager amount in the “Notional Bet” box. Keep in mind that your wager should be within your round-robin bet.
  2. After that, put the number of games you want in the round-robin bet. 
  3. In the parlay size section, you need to choose either “Exactly” or “at Most”. If you choose “exactly, then it means you are choosing a precise number of parlays. On the other hand, by choosing “At Most,” select the maximum number of betting parlays. After that, you can choose the number of parlays.
  4. Now add the odds in each selection. If you add decimal odds, then the app will use a US odd format.
  5. After that, choose win, lose or push as your final result for each selection. Now you will see how much your chance of winning or losing is in different scenarios.
  6. Now simply click on “Calculate.”

Now that you are calculating the round-robin bets, it is important to know what the calculator will tell you. After clicking on “Calculate,” you see the following numbers.

  • YOu will get the total profit as the maximum amount if all your selections are proven correct.
  • You will get the total risk which is the wager amount and the number of parlays. Keep in mind that the wager is baked on your notional bet amount, and the parlays are those within your round-robin.
  • The situational result is the profit or total return you can expect from the results you selected.


Round Robin bets are a safe approach to calculating the bets. It covers you from an unpleasant event where one or more parlays let you down. It is not a good feeling to make six predictions and see the seventh team not doing good. As a result, your entire parlay will also crash and burn. With round robin, your bets are across smaller parlays of a larger group selection. As a result, it minimizes the risk of any unfortunate scene. 

Robin Round Calculator is the best way to determine all of this with just a few clicks. With this app, you can determine if you are getting fair odds on any betting sites. Moreover, you can also judge if they are being fair to each bet you place. Above all, this calculator tells you the total return profit with any given bet selection. It does not matter if you choose lost, void, or won; you will get the correct results. The information regarding Round Robin results is clearly visible in the calculator. Feel free to use this app on the OnWorks platform

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