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9mount, 9bind, 9umount - mount/unmount 9p filesystems


9mount [ insuvx ] [ -a SPEC ] [ -c CACHE ] [ -d DEBUG ] [ -m MSIZE ] DIAL MOUNTPT

9bind OLD NEW

9umount MOUNTPT


9mount mounts a 9p filesystem served at DIAL on MOUNTPT. MOUNTPT must be writable by you
and not sticky. DIAL is a dial string assuming one of the forms:


where SOCKET is the name of a file representing a socket, HOST is a hostname, PORT is a
port number or service name, and CHANNEL is a virtio channel name (currently ignored). -
indicates that 9p messages should be read/written on stdin/stdout. 9mount has several

-i mount the file system with your uid/gid

-n dry-run, print mount command to stderr but don't actually mount anything

-s single attach mode - all users accessing the mount point see the same filesystem
(by default they'll each see a unique attach)

-u use the 9P2000.u extensions

-v use device mapping

-x exclusive access - other users cannot access the mount point

SPEC determines which file tree to mount when attaching to file servers that export
multiple trees

turns on caching using CACHE mode. Currently only loose cache mode is available,
which is suitable for exclusive read-only mounts.

comma separated list of channels for which to enable debug output. Possible
channels include: err, devel, 9p, vfs, conv, mux, trans, alloc, fcall.

specifies the maximum length of a single 9p message in bytes.

9bind performs a bind mount, making the tree visible at directory OLD also visible at
mount point NEW.

9umount unmounts a 9p filesystem previously mounted by you.


$USER the uname to provide to the server.


9mount -i 'unix!/tmp/ns.'$USER'.:0/factotum' $HOME/n/factotum
mount p9p's factotum interface

9mount 'tcp!sources.cs.bell-labs.com' $HOME/n/sources
import plan 9's "sources"

9mount -u -a/home/sqweek/mail 'tcp!wren!5640' $HOME/mail
import my maildir from my server(wren), being served by ufs

9mount -i 'tcp!wren' $HOME/n/wren; 9bind $HOME/n/wren/home/sqweek/mail $HOME/mail
again importing my maildir, this time serving via u9fs

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