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abilint - validate an abigail ABI representation

abilint parses the native XML representation of an ABI as emitted by abidw. Once it has
parsed the XML representation of the ABI, abilint builds and in-memory model from it. It
then tries to save it back to an XML form, to standard output. If that read-write
operation succeeds chances are the input XML ABI representation is meaningful.

Note that the main intent of this tool to help debugging issues in the underlying
Libabigail library.

Note also that abilint can also read an ELF input file, build the in-memory model for its
ABI, and serialize that model back into XML to standard output. In that case, the ELF
input file must be accompanied with its debug information in the DWARF format.


abilint [options] [<abi-file1>]


· --help

Display a short help message and exits.

· --version | -v

Display the version of the program and exit.

· --debug-info-dir <path>

When reading an ELF input file which debug information is split out into a separate
file, this options tells abilint where to find that separate debug information file.

Note that path must point to the root directory under which the debug information is
arranged in a tree-like manner. Under Red Hat based systems, that directory is
usually <root>/usr/lib/debug.

Note also that this option is not mandatory for split debug information installed by
your system's package manager because then abidiff knows where to find it.

· --diff

For XML inputs, perform a text diff between the input and the memory model saved back
to disk. This can help to spot issues in the handling of the XML format by the
underlying Libabigail library.

· --noout

Do not display anything on standard output. The return code of the command is the
only way to know if the command succeeded.

· --stdin | --

Read the input content from standard input.

· --tu

Expect the input XML to represent a single translation unit.

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