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abipkgdiff - compare ABIs of ELF files in software packages

abipkgdiff compares the Application Binary Interfaces (ABI) of the ELF binaries contained
in two software packages. The software package formats currently supported are Deb, RPM,
tar archives (either compressed or not) and plain directories that contain binaries.

For a comprehensive ABI change report that includes changes about function and variable
sub-types, the two input packages must be accompanied with their debug information
packages that contain debug information in DWARF format.


abipkgdiff [option] <package1> <package2>


· --help | -h

Display a short help about the command and exit.

· --version | -v

Display the version of the program and exit.

· --debug-info-pkg1 | --d1 <path>

For cases where the debug information for package1 is split out into a separate file,
tells abipkgdiff where to find that separate debug information package.

· --debug-info-pkg2 | --d2 <path>

For cases where the debug information for package2 is split out into a separate file,
tells abipkgdiff where to find that separate debug information package.

· --dso-only

Compare ELF files that are shared libraries, only. Do not compare executable files,
for instance.

· --redundant
In the diff reports, do display redundant changes. A redundant change is a change
that has been displayed elsewhere in a given report.

· --no-linkage-name

In the resulting report, do not display the linkage names of the added, removed, or
changed functions or variables.

· --no-added-syms

Do not show the list of functions, variables, or any symbol that was added.

· --no-added-binaries

Do not show the list of binaries that got added to the second package.

Please note that the presence of such added binaries is not considered like an ABI
change by this tool; as such, it doesn't have any impact on the exit code of the
tool. It does only have an informational value. Removed binaries are, however,
considered as an ABI change.

· --no-abignore

Do not search the package2 for the presence of suppression files.

· --no-parallel

By default, abipkgdiff will use all the processors it has available to execute
concurrently. This option tells it not to extract packages or run comparisons in

· --suppressions | --suppr <path-to-suppressions>

Use a suppression specification file located at path-to-suppressions. Note that this
option can appear multiple times on the command line; all the suppression
specification files are then taken into account.

· --no-show-locs
Do not show information about where in the second shared library the respective
type was changed.

· --fail-no-dbg

Make the program fail and return a non-zero exit code if couldn't read any of the
debug information that comes from the debug info packages that were given on the
command line. If no debug info package were provided on the command line then this
option is not active.

Note that the non-zero exit code returned by the program as a result of this option
is the constant ABIDIFF_ERROR. To know the numerical value of that constant, please
refer to the exit code documentation.

· --keep-tmp-files

Do not erase the temporary directory files that are created during the execution of
the tool.

· --verbose

Emit verbose progress messages.


The exit code of the abipkgdiff command is either 0 if the ABI of the binaries compared
are equal, or non-zero if they differ or if the tool encountered an error.

In the later case, the value of the exit code is the same as for the abidiff tool.

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