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- Check whether a grammar accept / reject given word sequences


accept_check [-t] [-s spname] [-v] {prefix}


accept_check is a tool to check whether a sentence can be accepted or rejected on a
grammar (prefix.dfa and prefix.dict). The sentence should be given from standard input.
You can do a batch check by preparing all test sentence at each line of a text file, and
give it as standard input of accept_check.

This tool needs .dfa, .dict and .term files. You should convert a written grammar file to
generate them by mkdfa.

A sentence should be given as space-separated word sequence. It may be required to add
head / tail silence word like sil, depending on your grammar. And should not contain a
short-pause word.

When a word belongs to various category in a grammar, accept_check will check all the
possible sentence patterns, and accept it if any of those is acceptable.


Use category name as input instead of word.

-s spname
Short-pause word name to be skipped. (default: "sp")

Debug output.


An output for "date" grammar:

% echo '<s> NEXT SUNDAY </s>' | accept_check date
Reading in dictionary...
143 words...done
Reading in DFA grammar...done
Mapping dict item <-> DFA terminal (category)...done
Reading in term file (optional)...done
27 categories, 143 words
DFA has 35 nodes and 71 arcs
wseq: <s> NEXT SUNDAY </s>

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