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ajdoc — generate HTML API documentation, including crosscutting structure


ajdoc [ -bootclasspath classpathlist ] [ -classpath classpathlist
] [-d path] [-help] [-package] [-protected] [-private] [-public] [-overview
overviewFile] [ -sourcepath sourcepathlist ] [-verbose] [-version]
[sourcefiles... | packages... | @file... | -argfile file... ] [ ajc options


ajdoc renders HTML documentation for AspectJ constructs as well as the Java constructs
that javadoc renders. In addition ajdoc displays the crosscutting nature in the form of
links. That means, for example, that you can see everything affecting a method when
reading the documentation for the method.

To run ajdoc, use one of the scripts in the AspectJ bin directory. The ajdoc
implementation builds on Sun's javadoc command line tool, and you use it in the same way
with many of the same options (javadoc options are not documented here; for more
information on javadoc usage, see the Javadoc homepage http://java.sun.com/j2se/javadoc/)

As with ajc (but unlike javadoc), you pass ajdoc all your aspect source files and any
files containing types affected by the aspects; it's often easiest to just pass all the
.java and .aj files in your system. Unlike ajc, ajdoc will try to find package sources
using the specified sourcepath if you list packages on the command line.

To provide an argfile listing the source files, you can use use the same argfile
(@filename) conventions as with ajc. For example, the following documents all the source
files listed in argfile.lst, sending the output to the docDir output directory.

ajdoc -d docDir @argfile.lst

See the ajc documentation for details on the text file format.

ajdoc honours ajc options. See the ajc documentation for details on these options.

ajdoc currently requires the tools.jar from J2SE 1.3 to be on the classpath. Normally the
scripts set this up, assuming that your JAVA_HOME variable points to an appropriate
installation of Java. You may need to provide this jar when using a different version of
Java or a JRE.


Documenting Spacewar

· Change into the examples directory.

· Type mkdir doc destination directory for the documentation.

· Type ajdoc -private -d doc spacewar coordination

· (Use -private to get all members, since may of the interesting ones in
spacewar are not public.)

· Type ajdoc -private -d doc @spacewar/demo.lst to use the argfile associated with

· To view the documentation, open the file index.html in the doc directory using a web


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