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alfilldb - Add/update information of music files in the AudioLink database


alfilldb [OPTION]... /path/to/songs/...

alfilldb [OPTION]... --file=/path/to/song...


You can use this script to add or update information about your music files (MP3 or Ogg
Vorbis) in the AudioLink database. This information will be used when you use the
alsearch(1) program to search for particular music. This program is part of the
audiolink(1) package.

The path given for the location of individual files or directories must be an absolute
path (paths with ~ are allowed). Relative paths are not allowed. See the "examples"
section for more information.

The user and password options have to be specified to gain access to the database. See the
"more information" section in the audiolink(1) man page for the various ways in which you
can specify them.

Options that are used repetitively during different invocations of the program (like the
user, password options) may be put in the config file. See the audiolink(1) man page for
details on the config file.


Only the information about new songs will be added to the database; information about
existing songs will not be updated.

Works on just a single file instead of a directory. If this argument is given, the
/path/to/dirs is not considered. (You can have more than one of these).

Brief usage information

Connects to the MySQL server on the given host. Default is localhost.

Don't prompt for anything. Songs which do not have information for mandatory fields
(eg., song title) will not be added to the database.

Password for accessing the database

Prompt for input if there isn't enough information in the song (ID3 or Ogg Vorbis

The parameters that prompt accepts are:

Prompts just for the album name and the artist/band name

Prompts for album, artist/band, genre and year fields

Prompt for all the fields except the Male, Female Artists and the Track number

Prompt for all the fields, including Male Artist (1/2), Female Artist (1/2), Track

-s, --na
Simulate or no-act mode: doesn't update the database.

Only entries in the database will be updated from the input the user gives. Make sure
you don't use the --no-prompt option along with this one... else you won't get
anything done!

Update the tags in the file, ie, ID3 for MP3, comments for Ogg Vorbis.

Username for accessing the database

Displays some extra information while processing files


"alfilldb --add-only /home/user/tmp/songs/"
This invocation will scan the /home/user/tmp/songs directory recursively for new songs
only. Songs already existing in the database will not be considered.

"alfilldb --upd-only --prompt=most ~/tmp/songs/"
This invocation will scan the $(HOME)/tmp/songs directory recursively for the current
user for incomplete information in the database.

"alfilldb ~user/tmp/songs/"
This invocation will scan the /home/user/tmp/songs folder for music files; will add
new entries to the database as well as update the existing ones.

"alfilldb --file=~/tmp/songs/somefile.ogg --file=~/tmp/songs/otherfile.mp3"
This invocation will just add (or update) information about the files
$(HOME)/tmp/songs/somefile.ogg and $(HOME)/tmp/songs/otherfile.mp3.


If the --prompt option is not specified, alfilldb will just prompt for the title of the
song being processed. The title information is asked only if the ID3 tag or the Vorbis
comment doesn't contain the title. This behavior can be overriden by the --no-prompt
option, and in this case, the entry for the file will not be made, since the song title is
a mandatory field for storing song information in the datbase.

If neither of --add-only or --upd-only are specified, the default action is to add new
entries as well as update existing ones.

If the ID3 tags or Vorbis comments for a file were updated after entries were made in the
AudioLink database, they will not be reflected in the database. If you want to maintain
consistency, it is advised that you keep the database updated (by using the --upd-only
option) and then update the ID3 tag in the MP3 or the comment in the Ogg Vorbis file (by
running alfilldb with the --upd-only option).

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