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alsactl - advanced controls for ALSA soundcard driver


alsactl [options] [store|restore|init] <card # or id or device>

alsactl monitor <card # or id>


alsactl is used to control advanced settings for the ALSA soundcard drivers. It supports
multiple soundcards. If your card has features that you can't seem to control from a mixer
application, you have come to the right place.


store saves the current driver state for the selected soundcard to the configuration file.

restore loads driver state for the selected soundcard from the configuration file. If
restoring fails (eventually partly), the init action is called.

nrestore is like restore, but it notifies also the daemon to do new rescan for available

init tries to initialize all devices to a default state. If device is not known, error
code 99 is returned.

daemon manages to save periodically the sound state.

rdaemon like daemon but restore the sound state at first.

kill notifies the daemon to do the specified operation (quit, rescan, save_and_quit).

monitor is for monitoring the events received from the given control device.

If no soundcards are specified, setup for all cards will be saved, loaded or monitored.


-h, --help
Help: show available flags and commands.

-d, --debug
Use debug mode: a bit more verbose.

-v, --version
Print alsactl version number.

-f, --file
Select the configuration file to use. The default is /var/lib/alsa/asound.state.

-l, --lock
Use the file locking to serialize the concurrent access to the state file (this
option is default for the global state file).

-L, --no-lock
Do not use the file locking to serialize the concurrent access to the state file
(including the global state file).

-O, --lock-state-file
Select the state lock file path.

-F, --force
Used with restore command. Try to restore the matching control elements as much as
possible. This option is set as default now.

-g, --ignore
Used with store and restore commands. Do not show 'No soundcards found' and do not
set an error exit code when soundcards are not installed.

-P, --pedantic
Used with restore command. Don't restore mismatching control elements. This
option was the old default behavior.

-I, --no-init-fallback
Don't initialize cards if restore fails. Since version 1.0.18, alsactl tries to
initialize the card with the restore operation as default. But this can cause
incompatibility with the older version. The caller may expect that the state won't
be touched if no state file exists. This option takes the restore behavior back to
the older version by suppressing the initialization.

-r, --runstate
Save restore and init state to this file. The file will contain only errors.
Errors are appended with the soundcard id to the end of file.

-R, --remove
Remove runstate file at first.

-E, --env #=#
Set environment variable (useful for init action or you may override
ALSA_CONFIG_PATH to read different or optimized configuration - may be useful for
"boot" scripts).

-i, --initfile
The configuration file for init. By default, PREFIX/share/alsa/init/00main is used.

-p, --period
The store period in seconds for the daemon command.

-e, --pid-file
The pathname to store the process-id file in the HDB UUCP format (ASCII).

-b, --background
Run the task in background.

-s, --syslog
Use syslog for messages.

-n, --nice
Set the process priority (see 'man nice')

-c, --sched-idle
Set the process scheduling policy to idle (SCHED_IDLE).

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