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amsmib - Asynchronous Message Service (AMS) MIB update utility


amsmib application_name authority_name role_name continuum_name unit_name file_name


amsmib is a utility program that announces relatively brief Management Information Base
(MIB) updates to a select population of AMS modules. Because amsd processes may run AAMS
modules in background threads, and because a single MIB is shared in common among all
threads of any process, amsmib may update the MIBs used by registrars and/or configuration
servers as well.

MIB updates can only be propagated to modules for which the subject "amsmib" was defined
in the MIB initialization files cited at module registration time. All ION AMS modules
implicitly invite messages on subject "amsmib" (from all modules registered in role
"amsmib" in all continua of the same venture) at registration time if subject "amsmib" and
role "amsmib" are defined in the MIB.

amsmib registers in the root cell of the message space identified by application_name and
authority_name, within the local continuum. It registers in the role "amsmib"; if this
role is not defined in the (initial) MIB loaded by amsmib at registration time, then
registration fails and amsmib terminates.

amsmib then reads into a memory buffer up to 4095 bytes of MIB update text from the file
identified by file_name. The MIB update text must conform to amsxml(5) or amsrc(5)
syntax, depending on whether or not the intended recipient modules were compiled with the
-DNOEXPAT option.

amsmib then "announces" (see ams_announce() in ams(3)) the contents of the memory buffer
to all modules of this same venture (identified by application_name and authority_name)
that registered in the indicated role, in the indicated unit of the indicated continuum.
If continuum_name is "" then the message will be sent to modules in all continua. If
role_name is "" then all modules will be eligible to receive the message, regardless of
the role in which they registered. If unit_name is "" (the root unit) then all modules
will be eligible to receive the message, regardless of the unit in which they registered.

Upon reception of the announced message, each destination module will apply all of the MIB
updates in the content of the message, in exactly the same way that its original MIB was
loaded from the MIB initialization file when the module started running.

If multiple modules are running in the same memory space (e.g., in different threads of
the same process, or in different tasks on the same VxWorks target) then the updates will
be applied multiple times, because all modules in the same memory space share a single
MIB. MIB updates are idempotent, so this is harmless (though some diagnostics may be

Moreover, an amsd daemon will have a relevant "MIB update" module running in a background
thread if application_name and authority_name were cited on the command line that started
the daemon (provided the role "amsd" was defined in the initial MIB loaded at the time
amsd began running). The MIB exposed to the configuration server and/or registrar running
in that daemon will likewise be updated upon reception of the announced message.

The name of the subject of the announced mib update message is "amsmib"; if this subject
is not defined in the (initial) MIB loaded by amsmib then the message cannot be announced.
Nor can any potential recipient module receive the message if subject "amsmib" is not
defined in that module's MIB.


"0" amsmib terminated normally.

"1" An anomalous exit status, indicating that amsmib failed to register.

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