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ase-db - Put stuff into or query database


ase-db db-name [selection] [options]


Selecton is a comma-separated list of selections where each selection is of the type "ID",
"key" or "key=value". Instead of "=", one can also use "<", "<=", ">=", ">" and "!="
(these must be protected from the shell by using quotes). Special keys: id, user,
calculator, age, natoms, energy, magmom, and charge. Chemical symbols can also be used to
select number of specific atomic species (H, He, Li, ...).


-h, --help
show this help message and exit

-v, --verbose

-q, --quiet

-n, --count
Count number of selected rows.

-l, --long
Long description of selected row

-i db-name, --insert-into=db-name
Insert selected rows into another database.

-a [type:]filename, --add-from-file=[type:]filename
Add results from file.

-k key1=val1,key2=val2,..., --add-key-value-pairs=key1=val1,key2=val2,...
Add key-value pairs to selected rows. Values must be numbers or strings and keys
must follow the same rules as keywords.

-L N, --limit=N
Show only first N rows (default is 20 rows). Use --limit=0 to show all.

Skip first N rows. By default, no rows are skipped

Delete selected rows.

Delete keys for selected rows.

-y, --yes
Say yes.

Explain query plan.

-c col1,col2,..., --columns=col1,col2,...
Specify columns to show. Precede the column specification with a "+" in order to
add columns to the default set of columns. Precede by a "-" to remove columns.
Use "++" for all.

-s column, --sort=column
Sort rows using column. Use -column for a descendin sort. Default is to sort
after id.

Cut keywords and key-value columns after CUT characters. Use --cut=0 to disable
cutting. Default is 35 characters

-p [a,b:]x,y1,y2,..., --plot=[a,b:]x,y1,y2,...
Example: "-p x,y": plot y row against x row. Use "-p a:x,y" to make a plot for each
value of a.

--csv Write comma-separated-values file.

-w, --open-web-browser
Open results in web-browser.

Don't use lock-files

Gathers statistics about tables and indices to help make better query planning

-j, --json
Write json representation of selected row.

Give rows a new unique id when using --insert-into.

Selection examples: calculator=nwchem, age<1d, natoms=1, user=alice, 2.2<bandgap<4.1,

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