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asn2ff - convert ASN.1 biological data to a flat format (old version)


asn2ff [-] [-A X] [-B X] [-C] [-G] [-L F] [-M] [-R] [-V F] [-a filename] [-b] [-d] [-e]
[-f b/p/e/s/x/z] [-g] [-h F] [-k F] [-l filename] [-m r/d/s/c/k/l/e/p] [-n F]
[-o filename] [-p F] [-q] [-r filename] [-s] [-t] [-v F] [-w] [-y] [-z]


asn2ff converts descriptions of biological sequences from NCBI's ASN.1 format to one of
several flat-file formats. This program is built around a deprecated interface; please
use asn2gb(1) instead.


A summary of options is included below.

- Print usage message

-A X Show region starting at X (default is 0)

-B X Show region ending at X (default is last position)

-C Show Bankit comments

-G Output is one top bioseq only in genome view

-L F Use old (pre-Genbank 127.0) LOCUS line format

-M Output is map bioseqs only

-R For GenBank Release

-V F Don't use VERSION

-a filename
Filename for ASN.1 input (default is stdin)

-b Input asnfile in binary mode

-d Use SeqMgr indexing

-e Input is a Seq-entry

-f b/p/e/s/x/z
Output Format:
b GenBank (default)
p GenPept
s PseudoEMBL
x GenBankSelect

-g Show gi numbers

-h F Hide sequence

-k F Don't use complex sets (phy-set,mut-set, pop-set)

-l filename
Log errors to filename

-m r/d/s/c/k/l/e/p
Output mode:
r release (default)
d dump
s Sequin
c Chromoscope
k dir-sub-debug
l dir-sub
e revise
p partial report

-n F Strict gene_binding

-o filename
Output Filename (default is stdout)

-p F Omit new gene features

-q Output is one top bioseq only

-r filename
Output error logfile (default is stderr)

-s Input is a Seq-submit

-t Show verbose message text

-v F Suppress error messages

-w Use HTML output format

-y Print help format only

-z New algorithm for orgnames

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