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avrprog - Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrolers


avrprog [ -r | -w | -c | -e | -b reset-pin-value | -L lock-mode ] [ -E
] [ -d device ] [ -p port-address ] [ -R ] [ -v ] [ -V ] [ -h ]


Programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers that uses PC parallel port to
program the device in serial mode. The device can be programmed "in-
system". It comes with a schematic of the hardware required. The
hardware was designed to be efficient and unexpensive.
This program gets/sends data from stdin/stdout in Intel Hexadecimal
Object File Format and reads/writes to the AVR device.


-r reads data from device and send to stdout.

-w reads data from stdin and write to device.

-c reads data from stdin and from device and compares both.

-e erases device program and eeprom memory.

-b reset-pin-value
reset-pin-value must be 0 or 1. This option just changes device
reset pin logic level and exit.

-L lock-mode
set device lock bits mode. See AVR manual for details. WARNING:
in some devices, even erasing chip (-e) didn't clear the lock
bits... so we lost the chips... use this option at your own
If lock-mode is 0, sets LB2=0; LB1=0. If lock-mode is 1, sets
LB2=0; LB1=1. If lock-mode is 2, sets LB2=1; LB1=0. If lock-
mode is 3, sets LB2=0; LB1=1.

-E eeprom memory mode. Without this option, reads, writes and
compares are made to device program memory. With this option
they are made in eeprom memory.

-d device
Without this option, avrprog will try do autodetect the device
by reading it's signature bytes. Use this option if you want to
overide device detection. device is case sensitive and can be
any supported devices. To see supported devices try ´-d

-p port-address
chooses parallel port address (hexa value). Check avrprog.conf
file for default and valid values.

-R sets AVR reset pin to 1 when exiting, enabling software
execution. Default is leave chip disabled (reset=0) when

-v verbose mode.

-V shows program version, copyright and exit.

-h shows program help and exit.

Note: some options can't be used at the same time with other options.
In case you specify more than one exclusive option, just one of them
will be executed. (priority b,c,r,L,e,w).

Without any options, avrprog just tries to detect the device and leaves
reset pin at 0 (software in device is halted).


avrprog -r > file.hex
Read device program memory and write it to file.hex.

avrprog -w < file.hex
Read contents of file.hex and write to program memory in device.

avrprog -w -R < file.hex
Read contents of file.hex and write to program memory in device. After
writting, starts device software execution by setting reset pin to 1.

avrprog -r -E > file.hex
Read device eeprom memory and write it to file.hex.

Identifies the device and halts software execution.

avrprog -R
Identifies the device and starts software execution.

avrprog -b 0
Just set device reset pin to 0 (halt software execution)

avrprob -b 1
Just set device reset pin to 1 (start software execution)


Input and output formats are Intel Hexadecimal Object File Format You
can find this specification at
Record types 00 and 01 are implemented in this version. In input
lines, LF and CR+LF are accepted as newline markers. Output files are
generated with LF as a newline marker.

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