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blenderplayer - the blender game engine runner


usage: blenderplayer [-w [w h l t]] [-f [fw fh fb ff]] [-g gamengineoptions] [-s
stereomode] [-m aasamples] filename.blend


blenderplayer is the 3D and physics game engine


-h : Prints this command summary

-w : display in a window
optional parameters
w = window width
h = window height
l = window left coordinate
t = window top coordinate
Note: If w or h is defined, both must be defined.
Also, if l or t is defined, all options must be used.

-f : start game in full screen mode
optional parameters
fw = full screen mode pixel width
fh = full screen mode pixel height
fb = full screen mode bits per pixel
ff = full screen mode frequency
Note: If fw or fh is defined, both must be defined.
Also, if fb is used, fw and fh must be used. ff requires all options.

-s : start player in stereo

depending on the type of stereo you want:

stereomode: hwpageflip
(Quad buffered shutter glasses)

(Above Below)

(Left Right)

(Red-Blue glasses)

(Vertical interlace for autostereo display)

-D : start player in dome mode

Optional parameters:

angle = field of view in degrees

tilt = tilt angle in degrees

warpdata = a file to use for warping the image (absolute path)

mode = fisheye (Fisheye), truncatedfront (Front-Truncated),
truncatedrear (Rear-Truncated), cubemap(Cube Map),
sphericalpanoramic (Spherical Panoramic)

depending on the type of dome you are using

-m : maximum anti-aliasing (eg. 2,4,8,16)

-i : parent windows ID

-d : turn debugging on

-g : game engine options

Name Default Description

--------------------------- ------------------------------------

fixedtime 0 "Enable all frames"

nomipmap 0 Disable mipmaps

show_framerate 0 Show the frame rate

show_properties 0 Show debug properties

show_profile 0 Show profiling information

blender_material 0 Enable material settings

ignore_deprecation_warnings 1 Ignore deprecation warnings

- : all arguments after this are ignored, allowing python to access them from sys.argv


blenderplayer -w 320 200 10 10 -g noaudio //home//user//filename.blend
Launch blenderplayer in window mode with size 320x200 at 10 pixels from left and 10
pixels from top of the screen without audio.

blenderplayer -g show_framerate = 0 //home//user//filename.blend
Disable framerate reports.

blenderplayer -i 232421 -m 16 //home//user//filename.blend
Launch blenderplayer embedded in an existing window and set antialiasing to 16.

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