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bpchat - Bundle Protocol chat test program


bpchat sourceEID destEID [ct]


bpchat uses Bundle Protocol to send input text in bundles, and display the payload of
received bundles as output. It is similar to the talk utility, but operates over the
Bundle Protocol. It operates like a combination of the bpsource and bpsink utilities in
one program (unlike bpsource, bpchat emits bundles with a sourceEID).

If the sourceEID and destEID are both bpchat applications, then two users can chat with
each other over the Bundle Protocol: lines that one user types on the keyboard will be
transported over the network in bundles and displayed on the screen of the other user (and
the reverse).

bpchat terminates upon receiving the SIGQUIT signal, i.e., ^C from the keyboard.


"0" bpchat has terminated normally. Any problems encountered during operation will be
noted in the ion.log log file.

"1" bpchat has terminated due to a BP transmit or reception failure. Details should be
noted in the ion.log log file.


If the string "ct" is appended as the last argument, then bundles will be sent with
custody transfer requested.

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