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bubbles - DNSSEC-Tools Rollrec Simple GUI Display


bubbles [options] <rollrec-file>


bubbles gives a simple display of the roll status of a set of zones listed in a rollrec
file. In contrast, blinkenlights gives a detailed display of the roll status of a set of
zones. bubbles gives very little control over rollerd, the way blinkenlights does.
bubbles can halt rollerd's execution only.

A rollrec file contains one or more rollrec records. These records are used by the
DNSSEC-Tools rollover utilities (rollerd, etc.) to describe zones' rollover states. Each
zone's rollrec record contains such information as the zone file, the rollover phase, and
logging level. rollrec files are text files.

When bubbles starts, a window is created that has "bubbles" for each zone with a rollrec
record in the given rollrec file. (Clicking on a bubble doesn't do anything.) By
default, all zones with a display flag set on will be shown in the bubbles window.
Options may be given to modify this behavior.

The zone bubbles are color-coded according to roll-over state. The default colors are:

* green: not in roll-over

* yellow: in ZSK roll-over

* red: in KSK roll-over

These colors may be specified by the user via command-line options.

In building the bubble window, bubbles window defaults to creating a square window. This
may be overridden by specifying the number of columns, using the -columns option.


bubbles supports the following options.

-columns columns
This option allows the user to specify the number of columns to be used in the Button

-kskcolor color
Set the bubble color for zones that are performing KSK roll-overs.

-zskcolor color
Set the bubble color for zones that are performing ZSK roll-overs.

-noncolor color
Set the bubble color for zones that are not in roll-over.

Ignore the rollrec display flag and display every zone in the rollrec file.

-interval wait-time
Interval between checks of the rollrec file. By default, wait-time is given in
minutes. This can be adjusted by specifying one of the following time-unit suffixes.

* s - seconds

* m - minutes

* h - hours


* -interval 24 - 24 minutes

* -interval 24s - 24 seconds

* -interval 24m - 24 minutes

* -interval 24h - 24 hours

This option turns off name filtering when bubbles presents a file-selection dialog for
choosing a new rollrec file. If this option is not given, then the file-selection
dialog will only list regular files with a suffix of .rrf.

Show the zones that are performing KSK roll-overs.

Show the zones that are not in roll-over.

Show the zones that are performing either type of roll-over.

Show the zones that are performing ZSK roll-overs.

Give a usage message and exit.

Displays the version information for bubbles and the DNSSEC-Tools package.


bubbles is implemented in Perl/Tk, so both Perl and Perl/Tk must be installed on your


Copyright 2009-2014 SPARTA, Inc. All rights reserved. See the COPYING file included with
the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.

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