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caml2html - pretty print OCaml in html and latex


caml2html [Options...] files...


caml2html pretty prints OCaml source code as html or LaTex files. The pretty printing uses
colors and adds tool‐tips with type annotations if the corresponding .annot file is

Without file arguments, caml2html reads from standard input. By default it writes to
standard output.


-annotfilter {innermost|outermost}
choose whether innermost or outermost type annotations should be used (default:

do not insert type annotations as read from .annot files (HTML output only)

-ln add line number at the beginning of each line

-hc comments are treated as raw HTML or LaTeX code (no newlines inside of tags)

-t add a title to the HTML page

-body output only document's body, for inclusion into an existing document (see also
-make-css and -make-latex-defs)

-nf do not add footnotes to the HTML page

use default styling and place it in the <head> section of the document (default
when applicable)

-charset <charset>
specify charset to use (default: iso-8859-1)

-css use separate CSS style file style.css

-cssurl <URL>
use URL as CSS

use inline styling (HTML only, default fallback if -inhead is not applicable)

-ie7 drop support for type annotations on Internet Explorer 6 and older

-notab do not replace tabs by spaces

-tab <integer>
replace tab by n spaces (default = 8)

-d <directory>
generate files in directory dir, rather than in current directory

-o <filename>
output file

-make-css <filename>
create CSS file with default color definitions and exit

-ext <NAME:CMD>
use the given external command CMD to handle comments that start with (*NAME. NAME
must be a lowercase identifier. See EXAMPLES below.

-latex output LaTeX code instead of HTML.

-make-latex-defs <filename>
create a file containing the default LaTeX color definitions and matching
highlighting commands, and exit. \usepackage{alltt,color} is not included.

-v print version number to stdout and exit

-help | --help
Display options and exit.


Process many files into a single file:

caml2html -o result.html *.mli *.ml

Process many files, and create one HTML page for each file:

caml2html *.ml

You can use HTML in the comments of the source file, for instance, to insert hyperlinks:

(* This is file1.ml.
<a href="#file2.ml">This is a link to file2.ml</a>. *)

Note, that one HTML tag cannot span over several lines, and that the ordinary characters
<, > and & must be written as &lt;, &gt; and &amp;.

Custom comment handlers To implement an include directive for comments, use

caml2html -ext "include: xargs cat" example.ml


(*include i.html *)
let f x = 2 * x + 1


... contens of i.html ...
let f x = 2 * x + 1

as result.

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