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cap <command> [options]


cap — cap is an utility to invoke capistrano tasks. Capistrano is a utility and framework
for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines, via SSH. It uses a simple
DSL (borrowed in part from Rake, http://rake.rubyforge.org/) that allows you to define
_tasks_, which may be applied to machines in certain roles. It also supports tunneling
connections via some gateway machine to allow operations to be performed behind VPN's and

Capistrano was originally designed to simplify and automate deployment of web applications
to distributed environments, and originally came bundled with a set of tasks designed for
deploying Rails applications. The deployment tasks are now (as of Capistrano 2.0) opt-in
and require clients to explicitly put "load 'deploy'" in their recipes.

Capistrano is a self-documenting program by giving you an extensive help listing for
each command. If you think that this manual page is outdated, simply running

cap -h


Capistrano is "opinionated software", which means it has very firm ideas about how things
ought to be done, and tries to force those ideas on you. Some of the assumptions behind
these opinions are:

* You are using SSH to access the remote servers.
* You either have the same password to all target machines, or you have public keys in
place to allow passwordless access to them.

Do not expect these assumptions to change.


Capistrano is extensible configurable, and it has the following configuration options:

-e --explain TAKS
Displays help (if available) for the task.

-F --default-config
Always use default config, even with -f.

-f --file FILE
A recipe file to load. May be given more than once.

-H --long-help
Explain these options.

-h --help
Display this help message.

-p --password
Immediately prompt for the password.

-q --quiet
Make the output as quiet as possible.

-S --set-before NAME=VALUE
Set a variable before the recipes are loaded.

-s --set NAME=VALUE
Set a variable after the recipes are loaded.

-T --taks
List all tasks in the loaded recipe files.

-V --version
Display the Capistrano version, and exit.

-v --verbose
Be more verbose. May be given more than once.

-X --skip-system-config
Don't load the system config file (capistrano.conf)

-x --skip-user-config
Don't load the user config file (.caprc)

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