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cg_annotate - post-processing tool for Cachegrind


cg_annotate [options] cachegrind-out-file [source-files...]


cg_annotate takes an output file produced by the Valgrind tool Cachegrind and prints the
information in an easy-to-read form.


-h --help
Show the help message.

Show the version number.

--show=A,B,C [default: all, using order in cachegrind.out.<pid>]
Specifies which events to show (and the column order). Default is to use all present
in the cachegrind.out.<pid> file (and use the order in the file). Useful if you want
to concentrate on, for example, I cache misses (--show=I1mr,ILmr), or data read misses
(--show=D1mr,DLmr), or LL data misses (--show=DLmr,DLmw). Best used in conjunction
with --sort.

--sort=A,B,C [default: order in cachegrind.out.<pid>]
Specifies the events upon which the sorting of the function-by-function entries will
be based.

--threshold=X [default: 0.1%]
Sets the threshold for the function-by-function summary. A function is shown if it
accounts for more than X% of the counts for the primary sort event. If
auto-annotating, also affects which files are annotated.

Note: thresholds can be set for more than one of the events by appending any events
for the --sort option with a colon and a number (no spaces, though). E.g. if you want
to see each function that covers more than 1% of LL read misses or 1% of LL write
misses, use this option:


--auto=<no|yes> [default: no]
When enabled, automatically annotates every file that is mentioned in the
function-by-function summary that can be found. Also gives a list of those that
couldn't be found.

--context=N [default: 8]
Print N lines of context before and after each annotated line. Avoids printing large
sections of source files that were not executed. Use a large number (e.g. 100000) to
show all source lines.

-I<dir> --include=<dir> [default: none]
Adds a directory to the list in which to search for files. Multiple -I/--include
options can be given to add multiple directories.

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