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command line interface to CipUX Task library




cipux_task_client [OPTION] -t <TASK> -o <OBJECT> [-x|-y <ATTR>=<VALUE>]

abbreviations: ATTR = ATTRIBUTE


Options for all commands:

-c | --cfg : cipux-task.conf
-D | --debug : print debug messages for developers
-h | --help : print help (this message + options)
-V | --version : print only version

Options for some commands:

-t | --task : CipUX::Task command
-x | --mattrvalue : multiple LDAP attributes, please see
-y | --attrvalue : one LDAP attribute with multible values,
please see description


This is option have to be use if a LDAP attribute of object has no possibility to
search or do not know its own equality. This attributes are rather seldom,
nisNetgroupTriple is such an attribute. It is used for clients of netgroups. If you
are not sure use --mattrvalue (-x) instaed. If you want to set a values you should
provide them like this:

--attrvalue <ATTRIBUTE>=<VALUE>

If you want to delete all values of that attribute you can just provide:

--attrvalue <ATTRIBUTE>

-c Same as option --cfg.

To specify the configuration file, if any. The default location for the configuration
file is:

(1) ~/.cipux/cipux-task.yaml


(2) /etc/cipux/cipux-task.yaml

If both are missing, you have to use this option --cfg to specify one.

-D Same as option --debug.

To see more output, what the internals is doing, you can enable the --debug and see
more message printed to STDOUT.

The suggestion is not to use debug output for production code.

-h Same as option --help

Prints brief help message.

This is option have to be use if a LDAP object has to be created. This option requires
always an attribute and a value. Therefore only this syntax is possible:

--mattrvalue <ATTRIBUTE>=<VALUE>

The reason for this is to be able to gave the user exact hints when he try to create a
object but forget the value.

The "m" stands for multiple. So it is possible to give the option several times.

-o Same as option --object

This option is used to specify the object on which the command is operating. Make
sure you choose the right object. Of course this will also fail when the object is not
fetchable with (in the objects list of) --task.

-t Same as option --task.

This option defines the "task name" the command is operating with. A "task name" is a
certain command inside the CipUX Task Library. For example "cipux_task_create room".
You can easily define new tasks in the configuration file. The default location of
this file is /etc/cipux/cipux-task.yaml.

-V Same as option --version.

Prints the version and exits.

-x Same as option --mattrvalue.

-y Same as option --attrvalue.



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