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cloud-publish-image - Online in the Cloud

Run cloud-publish-image in OnWorks free hosting provider over Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator

This is the command cloud-publish-image that can be run in the OnWorks free hosting provider using one of our multiple free online workstations such as Ubuntu Online, Fedora Online, Windows online emulator or MAC OS online emulator



cloud-publish-image - publish a cloud image


cloud-publish-image [OPTIONS] ARCH IMAGE BUCKET


-l|--add-launch <user_id>
user_id can be "all", or "none"

only report what would be done

if a image is already registered simply report as if work was done

-o|--output <file>
write registered id and manifest to file

--rename <publish_path>
publish to bucket/<publish_path>, default: bucket/<basename(image)>

-t|--type <type>
type is one of kernel/ramdisk/image/auto. if type is 'image', then:
-k | --kernel k : use previously registered kernel with id 'k'
specify 'none' for no kernel
-K | --kernel-file f : bundle, upload, use file 'f' as kernel
-r | --ramdisk r : use previously registered ramdisk with id 'r'
specify 'none' for no ramdisk
-R | --ramdisk-file f : bundle, upload, use file 'f' as ramdisk
-B | --block-device-mapping m : specify block device mapping in bundle

--save-downloaded d
save the download image to directory 'd' (applicable only if TARBALL is an URL)

increase verbosity

--name <name>
register image with given name. basename(publish_path)


ARCH Target architecture, one of i386 or x86_64

IMAGE Target image to upload and register. If this is a URL, it will be downloaded.

BUCKET Target bucket to publish the image to


Behavior of this program can be modified by environment variables as described below:

EC2PRE Underlying tools will be invoked using this prefix. The default is 'euca-', which
results in using tools like 'euca-register' and 'euca-bundle-image'. To use the
ec2-api-tools or ec2-ami-tools, set EC2PRE='ec2-'


Publish an image to a cloud

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