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cobfusc — make a C source file unreadable but compilable


cobfusc [-AabdemntxV] [-c case] [-f suffix] [-g file] [-i idobf]
[-o file] [-p prefix] [-r file] [-s seed] [-u file] [-w cols]
[-z file] [file ...]


This document contains only a brief description of cobfusc. For a more complete
documentation, please read the Info file or the Texinfo manual.

The cobfusc utility converts the input file, written in the C language, into a human
unreadable one, but compilable. The main work is converting every identifier into a
meaningless one, removing any comment and compacting all the white-spaces when they are not

The options are as follows:

-A Enable a heavy obfuscation for the source file. This is equivalent to the -ademt -i
numeric options. The digraphize option is not enabled by default since the
Amendement 1 (1994) changes to ANSI X3.159-1989 (“ANSI C89”) are supported only by
few C compilers.

-a Garble every string with octal escapes.

-b Enable the digraphize mode.

-c no | lower | upper | screw | random
Set the identifier case obfuscation mode.

-d Compact the macros removing backslashes and white-spaces when they are not required.

-e Compact the white-spaces when they are not required.

-f suffix
Put the output of each processed file in a separate file with suffix appended to
file name instead of standard output. This is useful when processing a package with
a lot of source files.

-g file
Add first the identifiers contained in file to the obfuscation table. Useful when
those identifiers are shared between two or more source files.

-i no | numeric | word | random
Set the identifier obfuscation mode.

-m Strip the comments.

-n Garble integers with expressions.

-o file
Set the output destination to file.

-p prefix
Specify the prefix to use when generating the identifiers.

-r file
Tell cobfusc that the identifiers contained in file must not be obfuscated.

-s seed
Specify the seed for generating the random numbers.

-t Enable the trigraphize mode.

-u Dump the symbol table to file.

-V Print version information on standard output then exit.

-w Set the width limit of the output.

-x Exclusive mode; obfuscate only the identifiers specified by the -g and -z

-z file
Add the identifiers pairs contained in file to the obfuscation table.

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