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codeEditor - A Python-aware code editor written using the PythonCard GUI framework


codeEditor [file] [switches]


The codeEditor program is one of the tools included with the PythonCard GUI framework. It
is focused on being a simple to use Python source code editor. It is not intended to be a
generic editor or replace vi(m), Emacs, etc. If you are already happy with your existing
editing environment for Python source code, there is no particular reason you have to

codeEditor borrows ideas and code from IDLE as well as Mark Hammond's Pythonwin, PyCrust
(the PythonCard shell) and Robin Dunn's pyshell.py. The core editor component uses the
wxPython wxStyledTextCtrl (wxSTC) which in turn uses Neil Hodgson's Scintilla. Isn't open
source fun? In 15 minutes you can have a pretty decent editor by standing on the shoulders
of others.


Note that switches must come after any filename in order to be recognized.

-p Show property editor

-m Show message watcher

-l Enable logging

-s Show shell

-m Show namespace

-d Show debug menu


The codeEditor utility also provides additional functionality that is not discussed in
this manpage, because it is somewhat difficult to completely describe usage of a GUI
program in a text-based manpage. For more detailed usage instructions or for more
information on the PythonCard GUI framework in general, you should install the pythoncard-
doc package and take a look at the various walk-throughs, tutorials and samples included
with it.

Once the pythoncard-doc package is installed, the documentation is installed to
/usr/share/doc/pythoncard-doc, and is also available via Debian's doc-base infrastructure
- find it in the Devel section using dwww(1), doc-central(1) or dhelp(1).

If you would rather not install the pythoncard-doc package, you can find essentially the
same information on the PythonCard website:


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