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run-mailcap, view, see, edit, compose, print - execute programs via entries in the mailcap


run-mailcap --action=ACTION [--option[=value]] [MIME-TYPE:[ENCODING:]]FILE [...]

The see, edit, compose and print versions are just aliases that default to the view, edit,
compose, and print actions (respectively).


run-mailcap (or any of its aliases) will use the given action to process each mime-
type/file in turn. Each file is specified as its mime-type, its encoding (e.g.
compression), and filename together, separated by colons. If the mime-type is omitted, an
attempt to determine the type is made by trying to match the file's extension with those
in the mime.types files. If no mime-type is found, a last attempt will be done by running
the file command, if available. If the encoding is omitted, it will also be determined
from the file's extensions. Currently supported encodings are gzip (.gz), bzip (.bz),
bzip2 (.bz2), and compress (.Z). A filename of "-" can be used to mean "standard input",
but then a mime-type must be specified.

Both the user's files (~/.mailcap; ~/.mime.types) and the system files (/etc/mailcap;
/etc/mime.types) are searched in turn for information.

see picture.jpg
print output.ps.gz
compose text/html:index.htm
extract-mail-attachment msg.txt | see image/tiff:gzip:-

All options are in the form --<opt>=<value>.

Performs the specified action on the files. Valid actions are view, cat (uses only
"copiousoutput" rules and sends output to STDOUT) , compose, composetyped, edit and
print. If no action is specified, the action will be determined by how the program
was called.

Turns on extra information to find out what is happening.

Ignores any "copiousoutput" directive and sends output to STDOUT.

Displays the found command without actually executing it.


A temporary copy of the file is opened if the file name matches the Perl regular
expresssion "[^[:alnum:],.:/@%^+=_-]", in order to protect from the injection of shell
commands, and to make sure that the name can always be displayed in the current locale.
In addition, the file is opened using its absolute path to prevent the injection of
command-line arguments, for instance using file names starting with dashes.

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