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countperl - count lines, packages, subs and complexity of Perl files.


countperl FILE_OR_DIRECTORY [FILE_OR_DIRECTORY ...] [--html] [--help]


At least one file or directory path must be supplied.


Prints documentation to STDERR.

Produces HTML output instead of the plain-text default.

A comma-separated list of method modifiers to be recognised, see
Moose::Manual::MethodModifiers for details. If unspecified, the default list is


N/A. Currently no support for any configuration files.


Exits zero on success, non-zero on failure.


countperl uses Perl::Metrics::Simple to examines the named files and recursivesly searches
named directories for Perl files.

Perl files are identified by Perl::Metrics::Simple->is_perl_file. Basically if the file
ends in ".pl", ".pm", or ".t" or has what appears to be a perl shebang line.

countperl produces a report on STDOUT of counts of total lines, packages,
subroutines/methods, the minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, and median size and
mccabe_complexity (cyclomatic complexity) of subroutines and the 'main' portion of each
file (everything not in a subroutine.)

Output Format
Line counts do not include comments nor pod.

The current output format is human-readable text:

Perl files found: 3

total code lines: 856
lines of non-sub code: 450
packages found: 3
subs/methods: 42

Subroutine/Method Size
min: 3 lines
max: 32 lines
mean: 9.67 lines
std. deviation: 7.03
median: 7.50

McCabe Complexity
Code not in any subroutine::
min: 1
max 1
mean: 1.00
std. deviation: 0.00
median: 1.00

min: 1
max: 5
avg: 1.00
std. deviation: 1.36
median: 1.00

Tab-delimited list of subroutines, with most complex at top
complexity sub path size
5 is_perl_file lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple.pm 11
5 _has_perl_shebang lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple.pm 13
5 _init lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple/Analysis/File.pm 30
4 find_files lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple.pm 11
4 new lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple/Analysis.pm 10
4 is_ref lib/Perl/Metrics/Simple/Analysis.pm 8

With --html switch output format is HTML.


This is version 0.031 of countperl.


Prints usage message to STDERR if required arguments are not provided.


None known.

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