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courierlogger - Courier syslog wrapper


courierlogger [-name=title] [-facility=subsystem] [-pid=filename] [-user=user]
[-group=group] [-droproot] [[[-respawn] [-start] program [argument...]] |
[-stop] | [-restart]]


courierlogger is a wrapper that captures another process's error messages, and forwards
them to the system logging facility, “syslog”.

There are two ways to use courierlogger:

1. Use the shell to pipe another command's standard error, and/or its standard output, to
courierlogger's standard input.

2. Alternatively, courierlogger itself can start another process, and arrange to have its
standard error captured.

In either case, each read line of text is sent as a syslog message.


Use title for sending messages to syslog. title should be the application's name.

Use subsystem for classifying messages. Your syslog facility uses subsystem to
determine which log messages are recorded in which log files. The currently defined
subsystems are:

· auth

· authpriv

· console

· cron

· daemon

· ftp

· kern

· lpr

· mail

· news

· security

· user

· uucp

· local0

· local1

· local2

· local3

· local4

· local5

· local6

· local7

Not all of the above facility names are implemented on every system. Check your
system's syslog documentation for information on which facility names are allowed,
and which log files record the corresponding messages for each facility.

Save courierlogger's process ID in filename. The -pid option is required when -start,
-stop, -restart are given. If -pid is given without any of these, -start is assumed.

Run as a daemon. The pid option is required. courierlogger will quietly terminate if
another courierlogger process is already running. This is used to make sure that only
one instance of program is running at the same time. Specify a different filename with
pid to start a second copy of program.

Restart program if it terminates. Normally courierlogger itself will terminate when
program finishes running. Use respawn to restart it instead.

Send a SIGHUP signal to the courierlogger process (as determined by examining the
contents of the file specified by pid), which will in turn send a SIGHUP to its child
program. Does nothing if courierlogger is not running.

program must be originally started with the respawn option if sending it a SIGHUP
causes it to terminate.
The same thing may be accomplished by sending SIGHUP to courierlogger itself.

Send a SIGTERM signal to courierlogger, which in turn forwards it on to program. If
program does not terminate in 8 seconds, kill it with SIGKILL.

-user=user, -group=group
If running as root, change credentials to the given user and/or group, which may be
given as names or numeric ids.

When running a child program, it is started before privileges are dropped (unless the
-droproot option is also given). This gives a means of starting a child as root so it
can bind to a privileged port, but still have courierlogger run as a non-root user.
For the -stop and -restart options to work, you should configure the child program to
drop its privileges to the same userid too.

Drop root privileges before starting the child process. The -user and -group options
specify the non-privileges userid and groupid. Without the -droproot option the child
process remains a root process, and only the parent courierlogger process drops root

program [ argument ] ...
If a program is given program will be started as a child process of courierlogger,
capturing its standard error. Otherwise, courierlogger reads message from standard
input, and automatically terminates when standard input is closed.

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