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cppman - C++ manual page viewer / fetcher


cppman [ OPTIONS... ] PAGE...


cppman generates C++ manual pages from cplusplus.com and provide a man-like interface to
view man pages.

By default, cppman fetches man pages on-the-fly, by running the command 'cppman -c', all
available manpages are cached, making offline browsing possible. This is also required if
you want to use the system 'man' command.

Browsing man pages
cppman uses Vi Improved as a pager.
Press 'q' to leave pager. Press 'K' on an entry like 'vector::insert(3)' links you to the
manual page of vector::insert, like a hyperlink.

man compatibility
cppman automatically adds '~/.local/share/man' to '~/.manpath', so the cached man pages
can also be viewed with 'man' command. Note that to view uncached man pages, you still
need to run 'cppman'.


-s SOURCE, --source=SOURCE
Select source, either 'cppreference.com' or 'cplusplus.com'. Default is

-c, --cache-all
cache all available man pages from cplusplus.com to enable offline browsing

-C, --clear-cache
clear all cached files

-f KEYWORD, --find-page=KEYWORD
find man page

-o, --force-update
force cppman to update existing cache when '--cache-all' or browsing man pages that
were already cached

-m MANDB, --use-mandb=MANDB
Accepts 'true' or 'false'. If true, cppman adds manpage path to mandb so that you
can view C++ manpages with `man' command. The default value is 'false'.

-p PAGER, --pager=PAGER
Select pager to use, accepts 'vim' or 'less'. The default value is 'vim'.

-r, --rebuild-index
rebuild index database from cplusplus.com

-v, --version
show version information

-h, --help
show this help message and exit


All contents should be cached by the user, cppman does not contain any pre‐cached

Do not distribute the cached man pages without the permission of cplusplus.com.

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