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cspmonitor — CSP server for monitoring RSerPool components


cspmonitor [-localaddress=address:port] [-updateinterval=milliseconds]
[-purgeinterval=milliseconds] [-compact] [-full] [-maxpr=PRs] [-maxpe=PEs]
[-maxpu=PUs] [-maxlocationsize=characters] [-logappend=filename]
[-logcolor=on|off] [-logfile=filename] [-loglevel=0-9]


cspmonitor is a simple simple Component Status Protocol (CSP) monitor server. It receives
status messages from components via UDP and prints them on the screen. This program is
useful to keep an overview of running RSerPool components.


The following options are available:

Sets the local UDP socket address and port number. By default, it listens on all
addresses, port 2960.

Sets the update interval in milliseconds. Default: 1000.

Sets the purge interval in milliseconds. Default: 30000.

Turns on compact status display mode.

-full Turns on full status display mode (default).

Limits the number of PRs to be displayed to the given number.

Limits the number of PEs to be displayed to the given number.

Limits the number of PUs to be displayed to the given number.

Limits the location string size to the given number of characters.

Logging Parameters:

Write logging output to a file (default is stdout); output will be appended
to given file.

Turns ANSI colorization of the logging output on or off.

Write logging output to a file (default is stdout); given file will be

Sets the logging verbosity from 0 (none) to 9 (very verbose). It is
recommended to use at least a value of 2 to see possibly important error
messages and warnings.


cspmonitor uses the environment variables CSP_SERVER and CSP_INTERVAL to define a CSP server
to send reports to in the specified interval.


If loglevel>0, log messages will be printed to stdout or into a specified log file.

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