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cstocs -- charset encoding convertor for the Czech and Slovak languages.


cstocs [options] src_encoding dst_encoding [files ...]


cstocs il2 ascii < file | less
cstocs -i utf8 il2 file1 file2 file3
cstocs --help


Cstocs is a simple conversion utility to change charset encoding of a text. It reads
either specified files or (if none specified) the standard input, assumes that the input
is encoded in "src_encoding" and ties to reencode it into "dst_encoding". The result is
written to the standard output.

Run "cstocs" without parameters to get short help and list of available encodings.

Characters that are not defined in "src_encoding" are passed to the output unchanged.

If source text contains character, that is defined in "src_encoding" but not in
"dst_encoding", it can be handled several ways. For example, character "e with caron"
(symbol ecaron), and "d with caron" (symbol dcaron) are included in the iso-8859-2
encoding, but not in the iso-8859-1. If you will do reencoding of 8859-2 text to 8859-1,
you may want to do one of the following actions:

1. Keep it the same, option "--nofillstring".

2. Do not produce any output instead of "ecaron" symbol, option "--null".

3. Substitute some string (possibly a space) instead of both ecaron and dcaron, options

4. Substitute a letter "d" instead of dcaron, and "e" instead of ecaron. It is even
possible to substitute string instead of symbol, so you can replace the "AE" Latin
character with string "AE" (letter "A", and letter "E"). Or you can replace a
"plusminus sign" with a string "+/-". These substitutions are described in the accent


-i, -i.ext, --inplace.ext
Files specified will be converted in-place, using Perl "-i" facility. Optionaly, an
extension for backup copies may be specified after dot. This parameter has to be the
first one, if specified.

--dir directory
Encoding files are taken from directory instead of the default, which is Cz/Cstocs/enc
in the Perl lib tree. The location of encoding files can also be changed using the
CSTOCSDIR environment variable, but the --dir option has the highest priority.

--fillstring string
If source text contains character, that is defined in the "src_encoding" but not in
the "dst_encoding" nor in the accent file (or accent file is not used), it is replaced
by "string". The default is single space.

Disable changes of characters that would otherwise have fillstring applied. This is
different from "--null" because that cancels that character out.

Completely equivalent to --fillstring "".

--nochange or --noaccent
Do not use the accent file at all.

Use only those rules from the accent file, which rewrite one character to one
character. If this option is specified, character "ecaron" will be rewritten to "e",
but "AE" character will not be rewritten to "AE" string.

Use all rules from accent file. This is the default option.

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