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csv2yapet - convert CSV file to YAPET file


csv2yapet [[-c] | [-h] | [-V]] [-p {password}] [-q] [-s {separator}] {src} {dst}


Convert a CSV file src to an YAPET file dst. The default character for delimiting the
fields is ´,´ (comma) unless specified otherwise on the command line by providing the -s
option (refer to the section called “OPTIONS”).

Fields containing the field separator character have to be enclosed in double quotes (").

In order to convert a double quote character it has to be preceded by another double quote
character (see the section called “EXAMPLES”).

The following table describes the fields of the source CSV file as expected by csv2yapet:

Table 1. Source file format
Column #YAPET Record FieldMaximum size in bytes
│ 1 │ Record Name │ 127 │
│ 2 │ Host Name │ 255 │
│ 3 │ User Name │ 255 │
│ 4 │ Password │ 255 │
│ 5 │ Comment │ 511 │

See the section called “EXAMPLES” for an example CSV file.


The following options are supported:

Show copyright.

Show help.

Show version.

-p password
The password to be used to encrypt the YAPET file. If csv2yapet is invoked without
this option, it will prompt for the password on the standard input.

Enable the quiet mode. No details about errors are reported.

-s separator
Change the default field separator ´,´ (comma) to the single character separator.


The following operands are required:

The source CSV file to be converted. It must be of the format described in Table 1,
“Source file format”.

The resulting YAPET file holding the content of src encrypted. This file must not
exist prior to the conversion process, else csv2yapet will not start the conversion
and abort.


Example 1. An example of a CSV file accepted by csv2yapet.

The following example shows an excerpt of a CSV file as accepted for conversion by

As the second line shows, fields can be blank but the separator may not be omitted.

ssh host,host.example.org,johndoe,secret,Linux machine
mail account,imap.email.org,john_doe,secret,

Example 2. An example of a CSV file accepted by csv2yapet using double quotes.

The following example shows an excerpt of a CSV file as accepted for conversion by

The first line demonstrates how to double quote fields containing the separator character.
The second line shows how to literally convert double quote characters.

"ssh, ftp, and http server",server.example.org,johndoe,secret,Linux machine
mail account,imap.email.org,john_doe,secret,"John ""the Unknown"" Doe"

Example 3. Invoking csv2yapet.

The following example shows how to invoke csv2yapet in order to convert a CSV file to an
YAPET file. If the -s option is not given, csv2yapet will ask for a password as shown:

$ csv2yapet passwords.csv passwords.pet
Please enter the password for passwords.pet:
Please re-type the password:

passwords.pet successfully created.


No error.

Error while parsing command line argument.

The passwords provided on the standard input do not match.

The destination file dst already exists.

An unexpected error occurred.

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