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csvmidi - encode CSV file as MIDI


csvmidi [ -u -v -x -z ] [ infile [ outfile ] ]


csvmidi reads a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file in the format written by midicsv and
creates the equivalent standard MIDI file.


-u Print how-to-call information.

-v Print verbose debugging information on standard error. The MIDI file header is
dumped, along with the length of each track in the file.

-x MIDI streams support a rudimentary form of compression in which successive
events with the same ``status'' (event type and channel) may omit the status
byte. By default csvmidi avails itself of this compression. If the -x option
is specified, the status byte is emitted for all events-it is never compressed
even when the MIDI standard permits it to be.

-z Most errors detected in CSV records cause a warning message to be displayed on
standard error and the record ignored. The -z option causes csvmidi to
immediately terminate processing when the first error is detected.


If no errors or warnings are detected csvmidi exits with status 0. A status of of 1 is
returned if one or more errors were detected in the CSV input file, while a status of 2
indicates a syntax error on the command line or inability to open the input or output

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