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d.rast.num - Overlays cell category values on a raster map displayed in the active
graphics frame.


display, map annotations, raster


d.rast.num --help
d.rast.num [-af] map=name [text_color=name] [grid_color=name] [precision=integer]
[--help] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--ui]

Align grids with raster cells

Get text color from cell color value

Print usage summary

Verbose module output

Quiet module output

Force launching GUI dialog

map=name [required]
Name of raster map

Text color
Either a standard color name or R:G:B triplet
Default: black

Grid color
Either a standard color name, R:G:B triplet, or "none"
Default: gray

Number of significant digits (floating point only)
Options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Default: 1


d.rast.num overlays cell category values onto a raster map layer displayed on the user’s
graphics monitor. Category values will be displayed in the text color given and scaled to
fit within a single cell. A grid outlining each map cell will also be overlain in a
user-specified color, unless it has been set to "none".

If no grid color is given the default will be used. If no map layer is specified, the
program will use whatever raster map layer is currently displayed in the active frame on
the graphics monitor.

If the -f flag is given the displayed number will take on the color of the base map in
that cell.


The user is advised to set the current region to a relatively small area (i.e., less than
100 rows by 100 columns); otherwise, the individual cells being displayed will be small
and the category value associated with each will be difficult to see. No data cells are
indicated with "Null".


A) Distance from the streams network (North Carolina sample dataset):
g.region raster=streams_derived -p
r.grow.distance input=streams_derived distance=dist_from_streams
d.rast.num dist_from_streams -a
Euclidean distance from the streams network in meters (detail, numbers shown with

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